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the mahogany mamas

Talking Motherhood & Community With The Mahogany Mamas

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Şenay Inanici

For those new to motherhood and those navigating the day-to-day life of raising little kids—community is key. Add in the complexities of raising Black children in the U.S., and community becomes vital. That’s why groups and gatherings like The Mahogany Mamas are so needed. Founded by June Williams Glenn (the mother of a 9-month-old son), the Bay Area-based group recently hosted its first meetup for Black mamas of kiddos aged 0-5.

In addition to being a stunning event filled with beautiful views, delicious food and drink spreads, and stylish guests—it was also a meaningful morning of well-deserved pampering and deep conversations. “As a Black mother, the importance of a community is immeasurable,” says attendee Teasara Thompson, mother to a 3-month-old daughter. “We share unique experiences, challenges, and triumphs. It’s a source of strength and empowerment, allowing us to connect on a deeper level and offer each other unwavering support.”

Plus, any time off kid-duty on the weekend can often come as a relief. “I spent the afternoon kid-free, basking in the fellowship of like-minded mamas, who had also escaped their kid commitments for a few hours of peace, laughs, and joyous conversation,” recounts attendee and 2-year-old #boymom Roxann Stinfil. “Often the default parent because my husband travels for work a lot, I relished the excuse to get dressed up and drown my thoughts in self-care.”

Below, we’re sharing interviews with the mamas at the event—about motherhood, community, and self-nourishment—alongside absolutely beautiful portraits by Şenay Inanici. Enjoy!

For more on The Mahogany Mamas and to find out about their next event, follow along @themahoganymamas on Instagram.


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  1. Arnie says...

    Glad to see it! Beautiful Black women! Young Mothers!

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