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Watch This: To My Daughter…A Mother’s Guidance & Advice

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photograh & Videography by Justin Coit

Of all the roles that a mother transitions into over the course of her child’s lifetime—scraped knee kisser, timeout enforcer, PB&J maker—one of the most crucial is guide: a true North Star not only to her own precious kin, but also for the generation of offspring her children will one day have. In today’s present landscape where life feels a bit unsteady, polarizing, and sometimes quite scary, how is it that moms can help pilot their kids—specifically their young girls—in the best way they know how? To My Daughter… is a short film created by multi-faceted and wildly talented photographer Justin Coit positioned around that very question.

“Inspired by the #MeToo movement, this video explores the advice and guidance mothers are giving to their daughters on overcoming the obstacles they might face as women,” says Coit. “My goal was to make a video that, despite each mother’s unique background, felt as if only one mother was narrating the entire time. In a time when our country feels quite divided, the love we have for family should be the thing that reminds us how small our differences really are.”

Coit, who has worked with the likes of clients ranging from A-list celebs to corporate powerhouses, takes a step back from his day job to spotlight moms of all backgrounds and experiences in this brief, but powerful piece, and just in time for Mother’s Day. In the 1:52 video, the mothers speak on everything from shaking off the mean girls to pride in heritage to hints of #blackgirlmagic. It is a beautiful work of art that reminds human beings of all backgrounds, experiences, and roles that the relationship a mother has with her daughter is an irreplaceable bond unlike any other, and the lessons a mother teaches her daughter are those that stay with her forever. Enjoy!


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