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Mother Love: Toca TV

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Artwork courtesy of Toca Boca

The holidays are in full swing! And, with a recent drop in temperatures and more activities moving indoors, you may have noticed your kids spending extra time in front of the screen. As parents, we know that accessing both entertaining and enjoyable, yet safe content for our children isn’t always an easy task. With so many outlets available on the web, it can be tough to decipher what’s what when it comes to family-friendly videos. That’s why we’re such a big fans of Toca Boca, and its recently launched streaming service for kids, Toca TV.

This 100% ad-free app offers thousands of curated videos designed specifically with kids in mind. “Toca TV takes the essence of Toca Boca from digital toys to a world of playful video,” says Björn Jeffrey, CEO of Toca Boca. With the $4.99 per month subscription service, your little one has access to familiar favorites like Minecraft gameplay, alongside exclusive content including everything from DIY crafts and recipes, to music and so much more, all within reach of an iPhone or iPad! And, it’s not just video, either. Toca TV is an interactive platform, so kids can participate in engaging activities like filming their own videos using a variety of animated filters.

You can rest easy knowing that each piece of content is pre-screened by a member of the Toca Boca team to ensure that it is both safe and fun for kids. Just like its 30+ apps, the quality control and attention to detail that Toca TV offers ensures that the company continues to live up to its mission and values, and that you don’t have to worry about the content that your child has access to. To try Toca TV for yourself, download it in the app store, and use the promo code “MOTHERMAG” to receive your first month free!


This post is brought to you by Mother + Toca Boca.

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