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3 Inspiring Mothers On Life & Play At Home

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Elexis Bronson

As one of our profile subjects recently remarked, in 2020 our homes are now “the office, school, restaurant, coffee shop, playground, and everything else you can think of.” And with sheltering in place showing no signs of stopping (especially with cooler weather on the horizon), it only makes sense to make your space as cozy and comfy as possible.

One mama who has been helping others do exactly this is Eli Yonas, a mother of three (Noam, 6, Shaya, 4, and Boaz, 4 months) and the founder of Toki Mats, a line of beautiful cushioned play mats and nursing pillow covers that blend seamlessly into one’s space. Founded in 2017, the San Francisco-based company consistently sells out of its plush, easy-to-clean, non-toxic designs, thanks to its seasonal patterns, which include modern graphics of rainbows, moons, foliage, and more.

To see how the latest collection of Toki Mats fits into the lives of mothers coast-to-coast, we recently caught up with Nebraska-based Ka’ala Byndon, Utah-based Elexis Bronson, and California-based Juvilynn Arbuthnot to talk about parenting and play during lockdown, finding time for themselves while juggling their broods (they have 10 children amongst them!), their 2020 takeaways, and more. Enjoy!

This article is brought to you by Mother x Toki Mats.

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