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Baby Names

50 Baby Boy Names, Straight From Tom Ford

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo Via Blink Inc.

Coming up with a fashion-esque name for your baby girl is not all that hard (Chloe, Celine, Stella, Lula, Indigo…the list goes on!). But when it comes to baby boys, unless you’re naming your son after a famed designer (Karl, Oscar, Ralph, etc.), it’s not as much of a no-brainer. Until now, perhaps.

Cult-favorite creative Tom Ford is releasing his buzzed-about Lips & Boys collection of 50 lipsticks on Black Friday, and they’re all named after the men in Ford’s life. Which means…you guessed it…lots of baby name inspo!

We spy the name of Ford’s son (Alexander John) on the list, as well as a mix of exotic international monikers (Giacomo, Guillermo) and handsome classics that conjure Old Hollywood (Beau, Cary, Collin). Hell, we even spotted our own kid’s name on this killer, dare we say sexy, list (#32).

If you’ve got a son-bun in the oven, we suggest you read up! And if your child’s name is on the list below, well, now you have a lipstick shade that has his name written all over it (literally). But, there’s a catch: The collection will be available for one day only on November 28th. And then will reappear on sale again on December 26th. How’s that for extra holiday shopping pressure?

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1. Holden
2. Pavlos
3. Stavros
4. Sebastian
5. Flynn
6. James
7. Alexander
8. Michael
9. Giacomo
10. Justin
11. Luca
12. Rafael
13. Luciano
14. Pablo
15. Cary
16. Beau
17. Casey
18. Alasdhair
19. Omar
20. Cooper
21. Matthew
22. Rory
23. Leonardo
24. Xavier
25. Didier
26. Henry
27. Orlando
28. Kyril
29. Blake
30. Jack
31. Adriano
32. Diego
33. Olivier
34. Liam
35. Guillermo
36. Gustavo
37. Peter
38. William
39. Ian
40. Addison
41. Richard
42. Patrick
43. John
44. Preston
45. Francesco
46. Tomas
47. Alejandro
48. Julian
49. Collin
50. Wes

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