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Photographed by Kate Skogen

Party Pics: Inside Our Mother x Trove Brunch

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Kate Skogen

There are so many beautiful things about expecting and welcoming a brand-new baby. One of them, when it comes to your home, is the clean-slate effect that a new soul often has. With each new character added to your family, there’s a nesting process and an urge to purge the stuff that you don’t need and bring in items for the baby that you love. Of course, of those things that are no longer needed now, you might need them again. Which is where Trove comes in.

The San Francisco-based company is on a mission to help people love the spaces they live in, by offering a modern, convenient, and tech-savvy method of storing the stuff they still want to hold onto, but don’t necessarily need collecting dust around the house. For $99/month, Trove comes to your home, carefully packs up your load (or you can opt to pack it yourself), photographs and makes a digital catalog of the contents of each box, moves it all to a private vault, and will come back to your home to return a box or pick up a new box on-demand, as needed. Plus, Trove will take care of tossing or donating up to 500lbs of unwanted goods from your home! All you have to do is tap a few computer keys to get this process going. Which has to be music to a very busy—or pregnant—mama’s ears.

In celebration of Trove’s new Baby Plan, which is ideal for clearing out your nursery nook or transitioning your baby to a toddler set-up (but still holding onto baby items for a future sibling), Mother co-hosted a private brunch for expectant and “new” mamas in San Francisco at the beautiful Stable Cafe. Check out our photos below for all the deets.

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