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How To Celebrate V-Day With No Sitter

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo via The Selby

Let’s face it, not everyone has the connections or extra cash to hire a sitter for Valentine’s Day. Most everyone you know already has plans of their own that night, not to mention, the price of a fancy dinner plus a sitter might just be too much of your budget. Believe it or not, staying in and celebrating Valentine’s Day with the kiddos or after they are tucked into bed can still be romantic! Here are some ideas and tips to help you plan a romantic evening at home.

Order in or cook. If you’re wanting to splurge for the big night, order from your favorite restaurant and serve it at home on fancy dishes. There’s hardly any mess to clean up and the bill is much cheaper. If a romantic meal to you means a home-cooked one, do that instead. And, don’t forget a decadent dessert! This Amour Box from Bon Appetit is full of Valentine’s Day sweets created by French artisans to add a romantic touch to your special evening!

Get the kids involved. Ask your kids to help make the night special by setting a fancy table, creating a menu (based off what you’re already ordering/cooking), and dressing up as a waiter or waitress. Let the kids “take your order” and serve the food. When the food “arrives” to the table, let the kiddos hang out in another room and eat something special (like pizza, or their favorite meal). Play their favorite movie or turn a video game on for them to enjoy while you have a romantic candlelit dinner with your sweetheart.

Younger kids. If your kids are too young to participate in helping with dinner, you can enjoy the same exact evening, just starting after the kids are in bed. Cooking together can be extremely romantic and fun. Not wanting to make too much noise? Lay a blanket down in your living room and have a picnic-style spread with sushi or fine cheeses, fruits, dessert, and wine. Moving things outside and under the stars (if it’s not too chilly) makes dinner that much more romantic!

Dessert and cuddle time. After you get the kids in bed, you can put on a romantic movie while sharing a bowl of popcorn or dessert, listen to music and drink wine, soak in a spa-worthy tub together, or trade off giving each other a relaxing massage with oils.

Think outside the box. There are several other ways to get close and celebrate. You could get outside and gaze at the stars on blankets cuddled up with your loved one, just bring the baby monitor. There’s always fun in playing a board game or cards, and let the winner pick their earnings—a neck massage? Breakfast in bed tomorrow? Free from chores for a week? The ideas are endless!

Invite some friends over. There’s a good chance that your friends will be stuck home without a sitter, too. Why not invite them over for a fun-filled couples date-night of dinner, drinks, and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity while all the kids play together? You could even set up your own DIY Photo booth to create fun memories. The romance only grows bigger as the guests leave and your kids head to bed.

Dancing the night away. After the littles are asleep in their beds, why not pour a couple of glasses of vino, put on a record or make a playlist of your favorite love songs, and slow dance with your honey in the living room? We can’t think of a more romantic start to your night!

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