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what to buy for preschool
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What To Pack For Preschool

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

While the major task of preparing for preschool might be emotional (read our tips for sending your little one off here), another more minor to-do includes rounding up supplies just for your tiny student. While all schools are different and many provide their own specific list of things to buy, we’ve went ahead and gathered some of our favorite common preschool purchases below. (Tissues not included.)

New Kicks: Start off the school year with a fresh pair of shoes that can withstand all of the playground fun ahead. We suggest looking for velcro closures that make getting out of the house in the morning a bit easier.
Stan Smith Toddler Sneakers, $50, Zappos.

A Nap Mat: Let your little one catch their Zzzz’s in new surroundings with a comfy mat that is all their own. We love this version, which is just plush enough, easily washable, and has a handle for simple transportation.
WildKin Robots Nap Mat, $59.99, Amazon.

A Lunchbox or Bento Box: Make packing school lunches simple with an easy-to-wash container with lots of compartments. You can also opt for a lunchbox that matches your nap mat or some more fun options here.
Easy Lunchboxes, $24.99, Amazon.

A Marker Or Name Stickers: Rule number one when starting a new school: Label everything! Whip out your Sharpie and scrawl your kid’s name on all of his belongings, or save yourself some elbow grease and order personalized name stickers from Minted instead.
Sharpie Permanent Marker (12 Pack), $7.78, Amazon.

Sunscreen: Make sure your kid’s precious skin is protected from harmful rays at all times.
Babyganics Mineral-Based Baby Sunscreen (Pack of 2), $17.34, Amazon.

A Backpack: Even if they’re not toting homework back and forth quite yet, getting your child a backpack can help them become excited about their big kid transition. We suggest getting a mini size (like this one), and a soft shape.
Herschel Supply Co. Mini Backpack, $39.99, Herschel.

Diapers and Wipes: If your child isn’t potty-trained yet, diapers and wipes will be essential. And even if your child has moved onto underwear, it might be wise to pack a few of these in case of accidents. Also, it doesn’t hurt to throw some Boogie Wipes in the cubby to try to keep those inevitable germs at bay.
Honest Diapers, via The Honest Co.
Huggies Natural Care Wipes Refill, $25.95, Amazon.
Boogie Wipes, $11.97, Amazon.

A Lovey: Help your child ease into the transition of being away from home (and away from you) by keeping his beloved lovey (a.k.a. stuffed animal, blanket, or other security object) nearby. Ideally, the lovey would be large enough that it’s not easily misplaced.
Otter Plushie, $25, Amazon.

Water Bottle: Keep your child hydrated all day long with a clearly labeled, spill-proof sippy cup or canteen.
Munchkin Click Lock Flip Straw Cup (2-Pack), $8.39, Target.

Immunization Card: Many schools won’t allow a student to begin classes without an immunization card signed off by a doctor that indicates all shots are up to date.

Family Photos And Notes: If homesickness sets in during school hours (trust us, it will), having a couple pictures of family members on hand, plus a note from the parents, will help tide your kiddo over until pick-up time.

Kid Photos: Your school will most likely ask for a few photos of your child to put on community charts and to label their cubby.

An Extra Change Of Clothes: Having an extra set of clothing for any especially messy activities, rainy days, or potty accidents is always a wise idea.

An Object From Mom and Dad: Whether it’s your soft hair band or something larger (that won’t distract your child too much), giving your kid a small parting gift on his first day or week might soothe the anxiety and serve as a promise that yes, you will return soon enough.

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