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Gift Guide: White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Want To Steal

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

It’s that time again! Our annual holiday gift guides are here, and to kick things off, we thought we’d make it a fun one. If you haven’t already been subjected to the traditional (read: off-the-wall) holiday party theme, White Elephant, allow us to break it down: attendees bring zany, often re-gifted presents in hopes of gags, rivalries, and sheer entertainment. To put it simply, you bring the gifts no one else will want, and see who gets stuck with the worst of the lot. While the exchange is often hilarious and fun, sometimes guests want to leave the party with a takeaway they can actually put to use. So, we’ve gathered few gift ideas that fellow game-players are sure to covet. Still a bit off-beat, quirky, and fun, these 25 items—most under $30, for both kids an adults—are sure to make you a gift-giving sensation as the holiday party invites begin to roll in.

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