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Want/Need: Our Winter Wishlists

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

The holidays may be officially behind us, but winter is here to stay for a little while longer. If that means more nights by the fire curled up with the ones we love and a mug of hot tea or cocoa, and lounging around in the softest of sweaters and long johns, it’s okay with us! We’ve gathered a list of things for our seasonal editor’s Want/Need list, that we can’t live without during these chilly months. What’s on your list?

James’s Picks:

“The Granny Alphabet is an amazing two-part coffee table book featuring savvy grannies from Tim Walker. Part photograph, part illustration, and part essay—this book is sure to please all who flip through its pages.”
The Granny Alphabet, $29.61, Amazon.

“I love everything and anything created by designer Ryan Roche. Her sweaters, hats, you name it! This hat is on the top of my wish list for winter. Not only will it play a big role in helping me get ready on days when showering just isn’t in the cards, but it will also add a mega dose of style!”
Ryan Roche Angora Hat With Deer Band, $415, The Dreslyn.

“I don’t know about where you live, but it’s fecking cold here in Nashville this time of year. I would love a pair of cozy and warm slippers to keep my toes warm while at home. These coffee-colored Woolrich slip-ons fit the bill.”
Woolwich Felt Mill Scuff, $39.95, Back Country.

“The new Catherine jeans from Imogene + Willie are an absolute favorite this season. They are perfectly high-waisted with wide ’70s-like legs and compliment your butt like no other. I wear them almost every day and will definitely be sporting them into spring and summer.”
Catherine Jeans, $325, Imogene + Willie.

“With the change in season and the colder weather, we tend to spend more time indoors than out. I like to fill my home with new plants this time of year, so we can get our daily dose of green.”
Ficus Lyrata Potted Plant, $12.99, Ikea.

“This delicate, golden, boob pendent necklace made by Kathleen Whitaker is a must-have for me or any other pro-nursing mama out there.”
Gravel & Gold x Kathleen Whitaker Boob Pendant Necklace, $600, Kathleen Whitaker.

“I love this handmade coffee mug almost as much as I love my morning cup of java. Yes please!”
Mug, $40, Meus Shop.

“This wooden element puzzle made by Grimms is the perfect little toy for small hands. It makes a pretty fun faux flame, as well, for kids who want to make believe they’re building their own tiny fire.”
The Wooden Wagon Fire Element Stacking Toy, $34.95, Amazon.

“Winter weather brings dry, itchy skin. It’s no secret that I love Aesop and these new gift boxes are a must—not to mention an easy gift!”
Aesop A Certain Radiance, $110, Barneys.

“I received a set of these little handmade pinch pots from a good friend of mine and I adore them. I burn palo santo incense sticks in each one to fill the house with that beautiful scent.”
Suzanne Sullivan Porcelain Small Bowl, $42, Imogene + Willie.



Katie’s Picks:

“Now that the gifting season is over, I am in full-on nesting mode and hope to have the makeover of my place finished by early spring. I’m loving this lamp for my bedroom.”
Jonathan Adler Ohai Walnut and Brass Table Lamp, $363, Lamps Plus.

“The Bay Area isn’t nearly as cold as the rest of the country, but we’ve had a few days chilly enough to use this stroller snuggie that keeps my tot toasty on our rides to the park. 7 A.M. Enfant has been called the Moncler of the baby world—so fancy! I let all my friends traveling to colder climates borrow it and they love it, as well.”
7 A.M. Enfant Stroller Snuggie, $172, 7 A.M. Enfant.

“We have two of these chairs on their way to us to set up in our bay window. I think they’re the perfect balance of comfortable and good-looking. And the pricetag ain’t bad either!”
Clyde Arm Chair by TOV Furniture, $369.99, AllModern.

“One of my favorite sites, Half Hitch Goods, is having a tag sale and these paper dolls by Mother favorite Jess Brown are $1! Such a great gift to stock up on.”
Jess Brown Paper Dolls, $1, Half Hitch Goods.

“I am currently obsessed with this baby sneaker by Umi. It has an easy-to-use velcro flap, but a major sleek and cool factor. They feel very Kanye.”
Bodi B Sneakers, $60, Umi.

“I’m one of those girls that likes to smell sweet and sort of cupcake-y. At the moment I’m really into warm ginger scents, including this hand cream and the Warm Ginger ‘body splash’ by Victoria’s Secret. Don’t knock it til you’ve sniffed it!”
Ginger Sorbet Body Milk, $14, FarmHouse Fresh.

“My son Diego’s room is vaguely circus themed and I can’t wait to throw this pillow on our glider.”
Circus Pillow by Custom Photo Factory for Maxwell Dickson, $52.99, AllModern.

“I never thought I’d be into mommy-and-me style, but I sort of am if it’s subtle. An entire family in baseball tees? Done!”
Podots Raglan Baseball Tee, $42, The Podolls.

“These pants are such little statement-makers, plus the mustard color seems to combine well, believe it or not. Bonus: They’re organic!”
Gray Label Baggy Pants, $49, Noble Carriage.

“I got way too swamped over the holidays to sift through all of our photos and create a picture book. But I’m hoping to try out Artifact Uprising and get a few books made for our families before Diego turns the big 0-2 in April.”
Artifact Uprising Soft-Cover Book, $17.99, Artifact Uprising.

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