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Want/Need: At-Home Indigo Dye Kits From Yellow Owl Workshop

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Chances are, you already know what huge fans of indigo and shibori we are. So, it’s no surprise that we were stopped in our tracks when we found out that one of our favorite California-based crafting brands, Yellow Owl Workshop, just debuted an at-home indigo kit that’s safe and easy to do with the kiddos (and your adult besties).

Each $30 kit includes a white 100% cotton scarf, a booklet with instructions and examples of tie-dye, shibori dye, vat dye, and resist-dye techniques and patterns, and the secret to it all: a dripless applicator filled with vivid inky blue dye, which goes on like paint and doesn’t require the traditional and more labor-intensive oxidizing process of most indigo sessions.

Aside from the scarf provided, you get creative with your own t-shirts, napkins, tea towels, newborn onesies…the options are endless! (And you can buy the indigo ink refills here!) After your designs are done, just air dry them, heat-set them, and wash ’em, and they’re ready to use. How easy is that?

Indigo Blue Textile Kit, $30, Yellow Owl Workshop.


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