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Meet L.A. Mama Zoila Darton

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Morgan Pansing

Today’s profile brings you a dreamy snapshot of family life in the slow lane of Los Angeles. NYC-to-L.A. transplant Zoila Darton found herself hopping all over the city trying to find the right fit for her family when a new baby, a new job, and new schedule forced a move out of their Hollywood high rise. They finally found their groove in the seaside town of Marina del Rey, where Zoila is raising her two-year-old son, Dakota, and running her creative agency, WORD. We were excited to check back in with this inspirational mama, as she previously shared with us the terrifying experience of her son’s first few weeks, when he spent a stint in the hospital fighting for his life. Life is thankfully more mellow these days, and Zoila gave us a tour of their new digs and opened up about the first couple years of motherhood. Click through the slideshow below for the full tour and interview!

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