This Robotic Crib Will Put Your Baby To Sleep For You—Seriously.

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano
9:30 am

Photos Courtesy of SNOO

A crib that rocks your baby to sleep for you? Sounds almost too good to be true, eh? But that’s exactly what revered pediatrician/baby whisperer Dr. Harvey Karp (author of The Happiest Baby On The Block) and storied designer Yves Béhar have looked to create with their SNOO robotic crib, which they dub “the world’s first smart/responsive infant sleeper.”

Turns out SNOO’s design has been 4 1/2 years in the making, with Béhar and Karp collaborating with MIT engineers to come up with their invention, which senses (and rates) a baby’s level of crying in order to respond with just the right amount of sound and movement—from slow swings to fast jiggles. The crib also includes a patented swaddle sleep sack that keeps babies in the safest position (on their back, see pic below) all night long, meanwhile there’s specially engineered white noise within the crib that automatically increases when a baby cries and reduces once he/she calms down.

These robot-enabled soothing capabilities are inspired by some of Karp’s storied “5 S’s” techniques—swaddle, side/stomach position, shush, swing, suck—to lull babies to sleep. Take a look at the video below to get an idea of what all of this looks like in action. Bonus points: Industrial designer Béhar, a father of four, made the sleeper super sleek, with the intention to seamlessly fit into any aesthetically conscious parent’s home. He describes his creation as “transparent, ultra-safe, pure, and iconic.”

Naturally, the SNOO—which fits babies up to 6 months old—also comes with an app that allows parents to see exactly which one of the 5 levels of the smart sleeper have been activated (sans Wi-Fi radiation harming your babe).

Interested? You can buy the SNOO for $1160 over at starting today!

SNOO crib Dr Karp

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REALLY? 1000 dollars, gross. so obvious this site is for rich, white ladies.


    Was definitely interested it until i seen the price. Ridiculous if someone will over $1000 for this. Should be cheaper, n affordable.


    Was definitely interested it until i seen the price. Ridiculous if someone will pay over $1000 for this. Should be cheaper, n affordable.

venny wong

HOW to order this smart crib? is it available already in Asia?
Please advise..

Venny Wong

Pedro Medina Chaix

Where can I buy the Snoo crib?


Speshal Francis

I’m having twins I would love to get more info on this crib . I just wish it was more affordable

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How do i get the snoo and where to get it from and can it be delivered to Australia


Baby’s cry serves a purpose and while using the 5 S’s yourself is a great way to help soothe a crying baby, having a machine do it misses the mark. The machine can hear the crying increase and so increases the white noise and shaking speed to quiet the baby, but it is not a parent. You, as a human, are invaluable to your baby’s well-being and development. Only you can learn what your baby’s different cries mean and what he or she needs from you. From being held babies brains grow and that contact helps elements of baby development that will not happen without that interaction. (See behavior and development research in orphans not held when they cried, but taken care of in all other ways) I would use this with great caution. There are many reasons new babies do not sleep however long we wish they would. One of which being that they need to eat! Studies now show that newer babies (babies able to use this bassinet) are better served by waking and eating throughout the night and the old-school thought/pressure from family or doctors or friends that your newborn or infant should be sleeping for six or more hours straight is both wrong and dangerous. We all (parents) know how hard it is missing out on sleep, but your child is a baby/toddler for a short period of time and there are other safer, and CHEAPER options for helping your baby settle that will instill peace, connection and confidence in your baby that you are there and can help. Just my two (ok maybe fifty) cents. For great information and support (very baby-centric) you can visit La Leche League online or KellyMom. I find both sites to have great information that is non-judgemental and helpful even for those mothers using formula. It’s all about loving baby, not about gadgets or spending.