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Baby Names

100 Hot Baby Names For 2018

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Maria Del Rio

Got a baby due in 2018? Then it might be worth it to have a heads up on the naming trends coming at us in this new year. According to Nameberry, the strongest 2018 baby name trends include naming your child after a strong female character (Eleanor, Margaret, Ruth, Matilda, etc.), a president (McKinley, Lincoln, Monroe), or a superhero (Ivy, Grey, Aurora, Harley). Also: names that start with an S, start and end with an A, names with Welsh origins (Rhys, Vaughn, Gwen), and gender-bending names for both boys and girls. (Check out a fuller break-down of the trends here).

One trend not stopping anytime soon is the modern parent’s desire for a unique name for their bundle of love. Which brings us to 100 names that Nameberry thinks every expecting mama should consider for her list—some classic, some “obscure and surprising,” and all incredibly fresh for our current era. Did your favorite make the list? Take a look below and find out.

A: Ada, Adelia, Alba, Alessia, Alma, Amalia, Amaris, Angelica, Ansel, Antonina, Arden, Ari, Artemis, Arthur, Asa, Aurelius, Azariah

B: Bear, Bram

C: Cassia, Cora

D: Darcy

E: Emil

F: Faye, Fia, Fleur

G: Gracia

H: Henley, Horatio

I: Ione, Ivo

J: Jacinta, Jericho, Jessamy, Juliette

K: Keir, Kit, Koa

L: Leopold, Lev, Lilia, Linus, Logan, Lorcan, Lucinda

M: Magnus, Maia, Malachy, Marisol, Marlow, Massimo, Milana, Millicent

N: Niamh, Nola, November

O: Olympia, Ottoline

P: Petra

Q: Quincy

R: Rafferty, Ramona, Ren, Renata, Reverie, Romilly, Romy, Roscoe, Rowan, Rowena

S: Sabine, Sasha, Saul, Sera, Serafina, Seth

T: Tansy, Teddy, Tempest, Thelonious, Thorin, True

U: Urban

V: Verity, Veronica, Vida, Virgil, Viviana

W: Wilfred, Winslow, Wynn

X: Xen

Z: Zahra, Zephyr, Ziggy, Zion, Zora

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