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Photography by Nicki Sebastian
Mother Stories

Amanda Chantal Bacon on Blended Families, Orgasmic Birth, & Baby #2

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Nobody knows their body better than Amanda Chantal Bacon—the founder and CEO of cult-fave Moon Juice has made a career of harnessing the power of adaptogens, superherbs and mega-powered mushrooms. We profiled her back in 2014 when she was a new CEO and single-mama to a sweet toddler named Rohan,  so when we found out she had baby number two on the way (not to mention a new house and new husband—drummer Gregrory Rogrove) we knew we needed to check back in. Amanda shows us around her dreamy Rustic Canyon abode and talks candidly—as always—about how she geared up to get pregnant eight years after her first, what weird cravings have materialized this time around, her homebirth hopes, and why she doesn’t plan to leave her house for 40 days post baby. Click through for a dose of serious inspiration.

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