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Mother Essentials

Mother Essentials: Anjelika Temple

Written by Erin Feher

Artist, tech exec, and mama to one (with another baby girl on the way) Anjelika Temple knows what she likes when she sees it. She is the chief creative officer and founding partner at at Brit+Co—the media brand for high-style DIY-ers—so making the call on what’s cool is part of her job description. It only makes sense that a few of her must-have items inspire building (Tegu blocks), writing (a journal), painting (the handy Zen Mini Painting Board), and of course, crafting (pom poms!). Below, check out her 17 current “Mother Essentials” for herself and her adorable daughter Anokhi, 2.

Whats App. “We specifically have a ‘Grandmas’ thread on WhatsApp for sending daily updates on Anokhi to her grandmas, and it’s honestly my favorite social network. So much unconditional love from Lala and Nani!”

Tinted Lip Balm with SPF. “I bought this in JFK on my way to a meeting and haven’t stopped wearing it since! It keeps my lips moisturized with a little pop of color, so I feel polished and put together even when I’m going on day 3 sans shower and surviving off of Anokhi’s leftovers.”
Kiehl’s Butterstick Lip Treatment SPF 30 in Pop of Peony, $22, Kiehl’s.

Tegu Travel Set. “My brother’s kiddos are all about Tegu and gave this little whale set to Anokhi for Christmas. It’s been a go-to whenever we travel.”
Tegu Travel Pal Whale, $19.99, Amazon.

Fanny Pack. “As a child of the ‘80s and ‘90s, I never really let go of the fanny pack trend and am grateful for brands like Avenue Dee who’ve brought it back with fun patterns and a slim profile. This is a go-to for me on weekends when I want to have my phone, keys, wallet, and crackers at the ready while still being hands-free.”
Carbon Confetti Fanny Pack, $34, Avenue Dee.

Pom Poms. “I’m personally obsessed with pom poms and even decorated Anokhi’s nursery with a huge piece of pom pom wall art as well as a pom pom mobile, both of which I made for her just weeks before she was born. Now it’s all about those crafty colorful poms that you can get in a giant bag at any craft store. She sorts them, puts them in jars, throws them around, makes pom pom soup (they dry quickly!), and then cleans up the pom poms. Win win.”
Pom Poms, $6.58, Amazon.

Lightweight Convertible Backpack. “This tote has become our diaper bag, carry-on airplane bag, go-for-a-hike bag, the everything bag. It’s extremely lightweight, has a nice number of compartments, and can easily be worn as a tote or backpack.”
Patagonia Lightweight Travel Tote Pack, $55, Backcountry.

Rainbow Train Set. “This toy has been a favorite of Anokhi’s for over a year. It’s well made, durable, colorful, and doesn’t look half-bad in your living room.”
Janod Giant Multicolored Train, $35, Crate & Kids.

Protein-Packed GF Pasta. “We’re not gluten-free, in fact we’re VERY gluten-forward (and vegetarian), which is why I’m always on the hunt for wheat pasta alternatives to get some more protein in our diets. I’ve tried a lot of different GF pastas and this is by far the best one I’ve come across. You don’t even need to doctor it up that much!”
Banza Chickpea-Based Pasta, $3.29, Amazon.

Smoothie Pouches for Kiddos + Grown-Ups. “We’ve all taken down a pouch or five in our adventures with parenthood, but these Noka pouches are legit delicious for all ages. They’re marketed to adults for on-the-go nutrition but are ingredient-friendly (and tasty) for kids as well. We love the Mango-Coconut and Blueberry-Beet flavors.”
Noka Superfood Smoothie Pouches, $14.99 for a pack of 6, Amazon.

Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave. “My daughter Anokhi and I both love reading this new book by Bay Area designer and illustrator Jessica Hische. I feel like it helps me feel empowered to be brave, smart, curious, and creative as much as it encourages those things in my little one!”
Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave by Jessica Hische, $17.99, Amazon.

Tea Collection. “I love Tea! It’s a brand made for moms who care about sustainability, one-of-a-kind artist collabs, and giving back. The prints and patterns are modern, colorful, and stylish. And the fabric is soft and sturdy. It’s super easy for Anokhi to run around in, stumble in, tumble in, and so on.”
Patchwork Stripe Skirted Dress, $31.95, Tea Collection.

Zen Mini Painting Board. “Allow me to brush the dirt off my shoulder. I sort of decided I was a genius when I realized I could get one of those Zen artist boards and make it a never-ending canvas for my daughter. All you need is water and a little patience as you wait for your designs to disappear & you can also make use of buildpartner project progress tool for tracking.”
Zen Artist Mini Painting Board, $14.95, Amazon.

Reusable Snack Bags. “I pack Anokhi’s lunch every day for daycare and these little bags have been a lifesaver. I throw in crackers, cut-up veggies, half a granola bar, whatever. Haven’t used a Ziploc in months!”
Bumkins Reusable Snack Bags, $7 for two, Amazon.

Colorful Micropuff Jacket. “If I’m going to wear a puffy jacket on the reg, it can’t be a boring solid color. I found this retro-inspired floral puff on Asos and have to stop myself from wearing it every single day. Anokhi has a floral Patagonia puff and loves to match with mama.”
Petite Floral Padded Jacket, $24, Asos,

We Found A Hat. “We’re obsessed with this book. It’s basically Waiting for Godot but for kids and starring two turtles and a Pharrell-inspired giant hat.”
We Found A Hat by Jon Klassen, $16.19, Amazon.

Mom’s One Line A Day. “A coworker gave this to me before Anokhi was born and, while I haven’t kept up with it on the daily, it’s a great place to jot down thoughts time to time. It’s a five-year diary, with a few lines for each day, each year. So I can see what Anokhi was up to exactly a year ago, which is a total trip.”
Mom’s One Line A Day, $11.70, Amazon.

Rock Spring Trail. “Since Anokhi went from baby to toddler, we’ve learned that the beauty of going for a hike is definitely about the journey, not the destination. We amble about picking up rocks, splashing in puddles and shallow creeks, and it’s become my favorite way to hike. Rock Spring Trail on Mt. Tam is dog-friendly and it is one of the best ways to keep a senior dog active as it has enough flat areas that it’s fun to hike with kiddo.”
Rock Spring Trail in Mount Tamalpais Watershed, All Trails.

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