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April 2024 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these April 2024 horoscopes, then finding your specific sign below.

Imagine the force of gravity triggered when a very full bathtub’s drain plug is pulled. The spiraling sucking motion is strong and efficient enough to empty a basin in minutes. April’s energy progresses with similar momentum designed to filter out and dispose of standing water. What’s left is an empty space, a little more than a void, perhaps revealing a few stains or dirt left over to address.

Last month’s Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th pulled the plug on stagnant puddles hanging around since October 2023, kicking off the first eclipse season of 2024. This is the sort of stuff impossible to ignore engendering a good week of surrender (and probably more than a little emo moping). That is, until a sense of sunny responsibility kicks in on April 1st with the onset of Mercury Retrograde in fiery Aries. Lasting until April 25th, this typically pesky transit takes on an uber-helpful energy guiding us Earthlings to correct our mistakes, big and small, with gusto and purpose. It’s why pencils have erasers, baby! 

By April 4th, the world feels new with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus thrusting forth in Aries. The energy of reinvention is palatable, intoxicating for some, and definitely overdue in the last six months. But objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear. A Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th adds speed and force to our plans, suddenly magnifying far-off aspirations—dots on the horizon—into clear and present focus. 

Taurus season, beginning on April 19th, spells luck with a capital L. But not the dumb kind that comes with a nagging sense of being undeserved. A Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20th reminds you that you’ve worked hard enough to crack the code on good fortune, sparking breakthroughs and windfalls that set you up for the long term. 

You’ve lived through enough storms to fill your rain barrels with experience. Siphon those waters of collected optimism to nullify the emotional sting of a Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd. There’s a dark flavor to this lunation but a transformational one, potentially uncovering past betrayal and untrustworthy individuals. You had a feeling about this. A few drops of venom can be powerful medicine. 

Venus comes home to Taurus on April 29th, followed by Mars in Aries on April 30th. With the cosmic lovers playing house, idealized desire takes on a material clarity so real you can touch it. Mercury’s shadowy post-retrograde period dissipates from April 25th onward. By the end of the month, you’re no longer afraid of hard work, winding journeys, and whatever difficult emotions arise in the process of individuating. Life’s greatest privilege is being who you are, now. 

March Legend:

April 1: Mercury Retrograde begins in Aries
April 4: Venus enters Aries
April 8: Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Aries
April 19: the Sun enters Taurus
April 20: Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus
April 23: Full Moon in Scorpio
April 25: Mercury turns direct in Aries
April 29: Venus enters Taurus
April 30: Mars enters Aries

Find Your Sign

Aries - Make Me Over

March 21 – April 19

Spring’s rebirth is stretched to the extreme this April, translating to total personal reinvention. A Libra Lunar Eclipse on March 25th clarified that you need a healthy purge. Mercury spins retrograde through your sign from April 1st until 25th initiating deep self-examination. Consider applying the Marie Kondo method to your personal life: Ask yourself how that habit, relationship, or attitude makes you feel, and then respond honestly.

Everything about you is set to evolve when a stunning Solar Eclipse occurs in Aries on April 8th—and at rapid speed. The popularity and magnetism you’ve enjoyed with Venus transiting Aries from April 4th translates into big money opportunities with long-term implications after April 20th. A windfall of good fortune snowballs on April 29th, but when Mars comes home to your sign on April 30th, the world is truly your oyster.

Taurus - Behind the Scenes

April 20 – May 20

You’ll spend plenty of time center stage in late April, but the real life-changing events are happening behind the scenes early this month. Mercury stations retrograde on April 1st, ushering you into a period of rest and retreat before a massive solar eclipse on April 8th. Eclipses can be exhausting, though purposeful: The more downtime you spend recuperating, the more opportunity you’ll have to plumb your spiritual depths. Who knows what you’ll find? Keep all five—or six—senses keen and attuned for signs of synchronicity and messages from the beyond.

Taurus season is rich with blessings, beginning with a Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd. The emotional landscape of your love life is set to change along with your outlook on wealth. Your entire look and vibe may change along with your philosophy, especially as Venus makes herself at home in your sign on April 29th.

Gemini - The Company You Keep

May 21 – June 20

Some think your strongest habits and traits are the average influence of the five people you spend the most time with. Whether or not that’s true, the company you keep is vital to how you use Earth’s most precious resource—time.

April’s sea change creates waves of curiosity about those social connections. Rethinking draining and one-sided friendships is supported by Mercury spinning retrograde from April 1st until the 25th. De-fanging energy vampires frees up an energy reserve for building up genuine relationships. A powerhouse Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th encourages healthy alliances. Exploring personal interests by joining a club or social group can introduce you to like-minded people with great long-term friendship prospects.

The month is rife with lucky breaks after April 20th. A spicy Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd puts you in touch with your full potential, prompting you to make powerful decisions. Stay sharp for opportunities to pounce, especially in your career.

Cancer - Plot Twist

June 21 – July 22

Professional choices turn on a dime and seem drastic at the outset, but the truth is that you’ve been stuck in a career cocoon for a while. It’s time to spread your colorful wings and fly—into a better job and lifestyle!

Quick changes don’t have to be thoughtless, though. With Mercury retrograde from April 1st until the 25th, you’ll have space to reconsider your ambitions and plot a trajectory. Don’t get too tangled in the plans, though. Opportunities to strike out seem to tumble from the heavens during the Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th. Go for it! Breakthroughs come fast and furious after April 20th. A messy Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd complicates your love life. Stormy secrets are bound to be revealed.

Leo - Roads Less Traveled

July 23 – August 22

Your defining philosophies might become murky this month, confusing where you’re headed and what it all means. The best way to answer deep questions about your life’s path is by re-tracing your steps—and perhaps taking an unexpected turn. Mercury spins retrograde from April 1st until the 25th providing ample support for reviewing your journey. An adventurous divergence into unfamiliar territory becomes a powerful spiritual quest during the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th. Thorny domestic relations intensify with a spicy Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd. Harmony at home might be hard to come by.

Virgo - Getting Centered

August 23 – September 22

Last month’s Libra Lunar Eclipse lit a fire urging you to focus on your finances. But before you can get to work building your investments, you’ll need to untangle the knots in your attitude toward money. Be logical! Mercury moves retrograde from April 1st through 25th highlighting how you can improve. What got you here won’t get you there, after all. A Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th generates innovative solutions to replace outdated money modes.

Confidence is key, especially with a Scorpio Full Moon casting dark shadows saturated with intrusive thoughts on April 23rd. Airing out your anxiety with a safe and trusted person can bring you back to your center. Better yet, kick your shoes off and go barefoot to ground yourself to the Earth’s strength.

Libra - Grow Up

September 23 – October 22

You need to change the inside to change the outside. This is especially true in your relationships and love life. Mercury retrogrades from April 1st through the 25th, compelling you to examine your ideas around intimacy and partnerships. Maturity brightens your aspects of establishing lasting commitments during the Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th.

A tricky Scorpio Full Moon on April 23rd could blindside you with a hefty expense related to your kids. Alternatively, you may lose a source of income or a key investment you were counting on. Though financially frustrating, you may simply have to cut back on pleasure spending for a while.

Scorpio - Handle with Care

October 23 – November 21

Health is wealth, and April’s energy will help you get proactive in taking care of yourself for the long term. Mercury spinning retrograde from April 1st until the 25th is just what the doctor ordered to make wellness a priority. Call that doctor or dentist and schedule those checkups you’ve been procrastinating. The Aries Solar Eclipse on April 8th indicates you’ll be in good hands.

On April 23rd, emotions run hot and high during a Full Moon in your spicy sign. Family wounds are extra tender with themes of betrayal or abandonment. Addressing generational trauma is key to your peace. A partner or lover could play an integral part in healing the unloved parts of your soul after April 29th. Let your guard down a little—the child in you deserves gentle kindness.

Sagittarius - War and Peace

November 22 – December 21

Protecting your peace is the utmost priority this month—but with a surprising approach (even for you). Mercury retrograde runs from April 1st until the 25th, prompting you to re-evaluate your attitudes to love and intimacy. You might reconsider an old flame who really lit your fire back in the day. Did you make the right choice in moving on? Don’t make any final decisions until well into May. A Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th promises you won’t have to settle to find the love you deserve. This is also an excellent month to give birth to creative new brainchildren (or actual children!).

Capricorn - Home Improvement

December 22 – January 19

There’s a big decision regarding your home and family on the horizon. Necessary course corrections at home become apparent during the Mercury retrograde from April 1st to 25th. Marinate on your choices. Patiently waiting out this phase of mental fog reveals a clear way forward. The Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th reminds you of your power to choose.

A tense Full Moon in Scorpio on April 23rd could signal the end of a business alliance. However, you won’t have to lick your wounds alone. A partner or lover provides empathy integral to healing this tender break.

Aquarius - Crossed Wires

January 20 – February 18

Your words seem to come out wrong or fall on deaf ears this month. Getting a message across or even making vital decisions internally is challenged by a Mercury retrograde from April 1st through 25th. On April 8th, a Solar Eclipse in Aries invites you to blow off steam by diving into a journaling practice or other communications-based projects, like podcasting or launching a substack. Just remember: This is for you, not a performance.

On April 23rd, a Scorpio Full Moon urges you to step into your professional power. Feeling unappreciated—or downright disrespected—at work is vital fuel to leveling up. If you leap, the net will appear.

Pisces - Agility and Grace

February 19 – March 20

Financial revisions are unavoidable this month, but don’t fret! Changes you make in April can only strengthen your relationship with money and materialism in the long term. Focus on sticking to a nimble budget and making the most of what you already have during Mercury retrograde, which lasts from April 1st until 25th. A Solar Eclipse in Aries on April 8th signals that an entrepreneurial effort could unlock big money—whether as a side hustle or a bold new career path.

Your private life might careen into chaos at month’s end. A Full Moon in drama-laden Scorpio on April 23rd could stir up a hornet’s nest between you and a nosy neighbor harboring misconceptions about your lifestyle. Or your family could begin feuding with your romantic partner causing an unexpected rift between your most beloved. Siblings—if you have them—will come in handy for easing any tension.

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