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February 2024 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

Whether you’re electrified or electrocuted by February’s livewire energy depends on how grounded you are in your truth. The heavy Aquarian influence of the season demands a flow of authenticity without neglecting the reality of how those honest expressions will mesh with the collective. Alchemy is expected but can’t be predicted. 

Mercury enters Aquarius on February 5 just before an Aquarius new moon squares Uranus on February 9, sparking a rebellious craving for immediate change. Haste makes waste, and the itch will have lasting consequences if scratched with clammy hands. If you’ve been struggling with boredom or malaise, this new moon virtually guarantees a rude (but exciting) awakening. Cosmic lovers Mars and Venus ingress into Aquarius days later on February 13 and 16, inspiring a great deal of innovative desire. 

On February 24, a full moon in Virgo highlights the last weeks of the month with a discerning focus on how we organize our reality. With peace and productivity in mind—however you choose to define those qualities—this may be the most restorative week in a chaotic February. 

February Legend:

February 5: Mercury enters Aquarius
February 9: New Moon in Aquarius
February 13: Mars enters Aquarius
February 16: Venus enters Aquarius
February 18: Sun enters Pisces
February 23: Mercury enters Pisces
February 24: Full Moon in Virgo


Find Your Sign

Aries - A Road Less Traveled

March 21 – April 19

Pursuing a true desire could mean doing something you’ve never done before. One thing will be clear, though: Your approach and methods will need to change. An Aquarius new moon on February 9 has you itching to shake things up for the better, which may send shockwaves of judgment ricocheting through your social circle. Don’t be deterred by potentially looking crazy. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you for committing to your authenticity. A Virgo full moon on February 24 brings a simmering health issue to a soothing conclusion. The way you live may never be the same.

Taurus - Controlled Burn

April 20 – May 20

If you feel like you’ve been asleep at the wheel on the drive toward success, February is here to pour you a hot cup of ambition—with a double shot of focus. A kerfuffle at work could hit in a deeply personal way during the Aquarius new moon on February 9. You may be overpowered by the sinking realization that what you do for a living might not be in alignment with your authentic self, sparking an urgency around making some critical changes in your career. A little fire under your feet isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but be very careful to not fly into recklessness or rage. In this case, burning bridges won’t help your resume shine any brighter.

Love grows and glows gloriously during a Virgo full moon on February 24. Whether single or attached, you’re poised to feel romantically fulfilled. Children and creativity are also celebrated, making your heart full.

Gemini - Spice World

May 21 – June 20

Sudden changes in your faith and core philosophies might shock even you this month. A radical shift in an ethical or spiritual stance is articulated in the Aquarius new moon on February 9. While this might look contradictory, you’ll know you’re finally standing in your truth. What other people think about you and your choices isn’t all that relevant as long as you are honoring yourself.

New horizons are a key ingredient for erotic chemistry this month. A new suitor with an unusual cultural background could make the scene, stirring up sexy energy. Alternatively, you could embark on a trip to an exotic locale with your committed beloved.

Spicy developments are a welcome balm during a stressful period when you potentially finalize a move or hear some distressing news from a close relative. During the Virgo full moon on February 24, make an effort to be present for your family’s needs instead of zoning out.

Cancer - Soul Connections

June 21 – July 22

All of February might seem like a Valentine’s Day takeover with how sugar-sweet the outlook is! Love and partnerships are fulfilling in a way that feels magical and dreamy. Soul connections abound. If you’re single and open to meeting someone new, there’s a mighty high probability of fated encounters.

Important negotiations and collaborative projects come to a harmonious close with a Virgo full moon on February 24. The finishing touches bring a high-brow polish to your work—not to mention your reputation and confidence. Despite your well-earned pride, you may feel emotionally tender with the closure of this event. Take a break from caretaking for others to tend to your sensitivity, even just for a weekend.

Leo - War of Roses

July 23 – August 22

Where you go is all about who you know. While partnerships are paramount in both business and pleasure, February won’t be a bed of roses. Expect power struggles when two strong personalities align, and that’s exactly what kicks off on February 9 with an Aquarius new moon. The partnership won’t survive if both parties are vying for domination. Luckily, Venus lends support in finding equal footing. But breakups in business could spell the end of an income source around the Virgo full moon on February 24.

Virgo - A Catch-22

August 23 – September 22

Romance sparkles in February with plenty of opportunities to make the most of it, whether single or paired up. Good fortune in general is a blessed affair, especially if you’re feeling down and need a leg-up in life. An Aquarius new moon on February 9 brings potential for big lifestyle changes—but there’s a bit of a catch. You might land a killer job that’s contingent on extensive training or relocation to secure your position. While annoying, you’ll make it happen if you truly want it. A full moon in your sign on February 24 could have you wearing your heart on your sleeve. Speak your mind!

Libra - Hot and Cold

September 23 – October 22

February is poised to be a fertile month, but not in the ways you might expect. Abrupt creativity strikes with a quirky rebellious streak during the Aquarius new moon on February 9. You might feel a strong urge to shuck off responsibility for the sake of your artistic expression, no matter the consequence. Or more literally, this energy may manifest as a surprise pregnancy.

If your partner seems to be running hot and cold, it’s not your imagination. Love relationships might feel bumpy or even unstable and take on a casual vibe. Attempts to dominate or coerce each other will cause lasting problems. Try to be chill and take it in stride, but listen to your intuition: Messages from the dream world and simple gut feelings hold wisdom late in the month with a Virgo full moon on February 24.

Scorpio - Pick Your Battles

October 23 – November 21

Chaos descends at home and along with it a sense of insecurity in where you hang your hat. An Aquarius new moon on February 9 has a wildcard signature energy. A relative might begin acting erratically, sparking an uneasy shift in your once-comfortable dynamic. Unexpected changes in your actual home and real estate could cause tense disagreements within your marriage or family structure. Pick your battles wisely.

The stressful vibe balances out on February 24 with a full moon in grounded Virgo. One of your dearest hopes may finally be realized. Don’t skimp on your creative visualization projects or neglect that manifestation journal, even when times feel tough.

Sagittarius - A Creative Conundrum

November 22 – December 21

Your signature brilliant ideas are flowing and growing this month, but your ample imagination might be mismatched with diminished powers of execution. An Aquarius new moon on February 9 squeezes you for all the creative juice you’ve got. It might be that you simply have too much on your plate with your day job to tackle this vision. An unusual idea begets an unusual plan.

Coworkers who seem to be taking advantage of your work ethic may also ruffle some feathers this month. Bring your best de-escalation techniques to the table, and don’t skimp on stress-busting on and off the job. Keeping your cool could lead to incredible recognition—or even a much-deserved career transition—near the Virgo full moon on February 24.

Capricorn - Love Fest

December 22 – January 19

Look forward to exhilarating moments of romance this month, Cap! Your happiness will absolutely be maximized in matters of the heart, in ways that might surprise you. Shrug off your stiff seriousness for once and remain open to the messages of love doled out in your direction from, well, all directions. Not only will you leave this month feeling extra appreciated by your beloved, but this rare love-fest may also bestow some intense creative inspiration.

Financially, you’ve got bright beginnings in store with an Aquarius new moon on February 9. Just don’t expect anything to go smoothly in that department this month. This isn’t the month to take big risks, either. Hope springs eternal as a Virgo full moon on February 24 proves your instincts right.

Aquarius - YOLO Season

January 20 – February 18

To say that change is everywhere for you this month would be a dramatic understatement. A dynamic but rebellious new moon in your sign on February 9 opens up your world, and you’ll apologize to no one for going for what you want, even if it grinds a few gears. You only live once!

Sparks may fly in your family dynamic if a relative feels threatened by your free spirit. The truth is, you’re growing at a different rate. With Mars and Venus both teaming up in your sign on February 13 and 16 respectively, you can achieve virtually anything. Your powers of persuasion will come in handy during the Virgo full moon on February 24 when a deep collaboration could transform your finances—and your life.

Pisces - Fruitful Fate

February 19 – March 20

Your social life is scintillating this month, surprising you with a rare streak of extroversion. Say yes to those invites and don’t dress down—the world is your stage and everyone’s looking. An Aquarius new moon on February 9 could bring chance encounters that turn into connections that feel fated and deeply fulfilling.

Though an exciting month, it’s important to listen to your body. There’s a higher chance of reaching burnout sooner than you realize. Charge those batteries! A Virgo full moon on February 24 signals a turning point in your most important partnerships. Remaining connected to your physical body will aid you in honoring your true feelings, garnering fruitful results.

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