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January 2024 Horoscopes


Written by Christie Craft

Photography by Luke Gram

An eagerness to throw off last year’s clatter greets the new year with a fire for productivity and order. Our deepest beliefs may have been challenged during 2023’s final Mercury retrograde in December, shaking the guiding light philosophies of our lives. Conflict resolution—internally and in the wider world—is a necessary task we’ll be well-equipped for with Mercury stationing direct in Sagittarius on January 1. Words are powerful, but active sentiments are what drive change and healing.

Once the fissures in our relationship with our world begin to heal, it’s back to business. A Capricorn new moon on January 11 shapes our view of the year’s work ahead. Outlining our future vision in detail might be fatiguing in another season, but with Mars transiting Capricorn from January 4 onward, steadfast dedication to ambition is the name of the game.

The most significant astrology of January occurs mid-month on a global humanitarian scale. On January 20, severe Pluto will enter progressive Aquarius. Simultaneously, the Sun will also be conjunct Pluto, magnifying an already-intense transit. Pluto rules deep regeneration at the root—and combined with Aquarius, the most futuristic and communal sign of the zodiac, illustrates an energy signature poised for a necessary shift in how human beings function as a collective community. Micro to macro behaviors could influence local to global movements.

Despite our willingness to change, some things should be approached with slow and steady logic. Venus enters Capricorn on January 23, encouraging sure-footedness in our devotion to love and money. A Leo full moon on January 25 may spark conflict and encourage risk-taking. Tread lightly: Minor arguments could detonate major explosions unexpectedly.

January Legend:

January 1: Mercury stations direct in Sagittarius
January 4: Mars enters Capricorn
January 11: New Moon in Capricorn
January 13: Mercury enters Capricorn
January 20: Sun enters Aquarius, Pluto enters Aquarius
January 23: Venus enters Capricorn
January 25: Full Moon in Leo
January 27: Uranus stations direct in Taurus

Find Your Sign

Aries - Goal Getter

March 21 – April 19

Well-defined goals are fuel for focus as January charges into 2024. The more pinpointed your vision became over December’s reflective Mercury retrograde, the better fortified the safety net January’s astrology weaves around your success.

Doing what it takes to feel authentic and accomplished in your vocation is a key signature of January with Mars besieging your work sector. On January 11, a Capricorn new moon unlatches the gate and invites you to set foot on a steadfast new career path. With this advantageous head start, summits you once found unreachable could handily become 2024’s feather in your cap.

Your love life is less straightforward. A full moon in fiery Leo on January 25 winds up controlling tendencies, leading to an impasse in intimacy. A romantic entanglement—potentially involving a friend or social connection—could result in a breakup or breakdown. Craving drama is one thing, but if you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Taurus - Trust the Process

April 20 – May 20

January hints at the beginnings of a critical transformation, but only after processing an era of personal crisis. Now, you’ve got a fighting chance to sort out any skeletons that tumbled out of your closets during December’s Mercury retrograde.

Cultivating a growth-oriented mindset is the work, and with Mars activating your philosophy and learning sector, you may find that broadening your horizons is necessary. Lean into higher education, whether in a formal program or simply by being present in the school of life. When life begins to sing with greater spiritual synchronicity near the Capricorn new moon (January 11), your responsibility is to listen.

On January 25, a Leo full moon stirs up a radical development that could rock your family. What materializes could chart your course in a completely new direction this year. An even keel for rolling with the punches comes in handy.

Gemini - A Sharp Mind

May 21 – June 20

Uncomfortable truths that floated to the surface of December’s Mercury retrograde can’t be unseen in January. Avoidance is a murky tonic and you know it. Slicing through painful decisions is the only cure for long-term healing once mental clarity returns with Mercury stationing direct on January 1.

Mental acuity adds confidence and finesse to your finances this month. A Capricorn new moon on January 11 spells smart investments that could pay off for years to come. Although your mind may be working like a well-oiled machine, verbal restraint is your closest ally. On January 25, a full moon in Leo sets off fireworks in your neighborhood, resulting in ego-fueled arguments that are at once petty and explosive. Filtering your words—even when you’re outraged—will preserve important relationships.

Cancer - Slow Living

June 21 – July 22

Careless mistakes made while working yourself too hard over the holidays will have to be cleaned up this month. Mercury stations direct on January 1 proving that haste indeed makes waste. Taking slow, measured steps restores your confidence.

A slow and steady philosophy also applies to your love life, which may be a little more challenging to achieve with how your heart feels. Regardless, alliances forged during the Capricorn new moon on January 11 are practically guaranteed to be mutually beneficial. Setting goals in your existing relationships spells success.

A Leo full moon on January 25 could bring money drama to the forefront. You might enter a tense negotiation around salary or owed payment. If so, remain civil—things could get explosive and unpredictable.

Leo - Self-Awareness

July 23 – August 22

December’s Mercury retrograde may have fogged your self-image, causing you to momentarily falter. January is all about remembering who you are and firmly anchoring into your core values. This month’s internal transformation is enough to shift the course of your life, affecting you for many years to come.

If you’re hankering for new job opportunities, a Capricorn new moon on January 11 delivers a harvest ripe for having your pick. By choosing discernment while keeping an open mindset you are on a path to abundance. This energy doesn’t only apply to lucrative professional alliances, though. A full moon in your sign on January 25 packs a punch of self-awareness leading to some realizations about the quality of the company you keep. If you’ve been entangled with a toxic crowd, it’s time to snip connections.

Virgo - Creature Comforts

August 23 – September 22

Unsettling feelings of becoming uprooted flavored December’s Mercury retrograde, but with your ruling planet turning direct on January 1, you’ll be able to ground yourself into a reality that suits your growth. Miscommunications that caused discord last month can be ironed out with patient conversation. Keep an olive branch handy, you’ll be glad to put last year’s conflicts behind you.

January is highlighted by romance, creativity, and heady eroticism. Single Virgos could easily see a new love interest materialize near the Capricorn new moon on January 11. If so, this dalliance could become hot and heavy sooner than what’s typical for you, thanks to Mars’ sex appeal. Venus enters your pleasure sector on January 23, hinting that if nurtured, this affair has real potential beyond the physical.

On January 25, a no-nonsense full moon in Leo reminds you that recharging your batteries is critical to having fun and thriving in life. Though rest may sometimes feel like a privilege, in truth it’s a requirement. Ditch the guilt and put your phone on airplane mode for the weekend.

Libra - Balancing Your Scales

September 23 – October 22

After a Mercury retrograde that saw you fumbling messages to a near-catastrophic degree, the weight of words balances out in January. Feelings of confusion and being chronically misunderstood begin to repair themselves as your focus turns to your home and family. If you quarreled with a relative over the holidays, you can anticipate harmony’s return in the new year.

Not only will you be granted fresh starts in your family relationships, but perhaps geographically, too. A Capricorn new moon on January 11 is all business about how and where you live, signaling a heightened possibility of moving to a new locale. Power struggles in your partnerships could spark an all-or-nothing ultimatum during the Leo full moon on January 25. Brace yourself for intensity.

Scorpio - Non-Negotiables

October 23 – November 21

You couldn’t be more done with 2023. Out of all the signs, your conviction in transforming is irrefutable—and you aren’t afraid of the hard work required in 2024. That said, assertively pursuing personal development and the successful cultivation of your goals is a non-negotiable energy of January. Critical negotiations are bound to turn out in your favor, especially near the Capricorn new moon on January 11.

Though you’d rather keep your nose to the grindstone in private this month, you may be thrust into the spotlight at work during the Leo full moon on January 25. It’s okay to make an exception and step out of your quiet comfort zone to revel in some hard-earned and well-deserved validation. What starts as a rattle could turn into healthy excitement!

Sagittarius - Growing Up

November 22 – December 21

Letting it all hang out during December’s Mercury retrograde was a therapeutic necessity for ending the year on a less-than-serious note. But with Mercury stationing direct on January 1, you’ll feel a tug in your soul to approach 2024 with uncharacteristic stoicism. Part of growing up is having the wisdom to know what you want and the courage to speak your truth with resolute clarity.

Still more mature is your awareness of your power to influence and change. The influence will come easily with Venus in your sign until January 23, and you may find that you’re on the most-wanted list of everyone’s social calendar.

One thing you can make tremendous progress toward changing in January is your cash flow. A Capricorn new moon on January 11 practically hands you the keys to the bank. All you have to do is speak up and advocate for yourself. Only you know what you truly deserve. Confidence surges by the end of the month—and your freewheeling tact may be checked by the Leo full moon on January 25.

Capricorn - A Season of Power

December 22 – January 19

You’re firmly in the captain’s seat as 2024 begins in your season of power. Motivation to take charge of your life is at an all-time high with Mercury stationing direct on January 1 and Mars leaping into your sign on January 4. A Capricorn new moon on January 11 reminds you that the power to change is an inside job, whether you’re aiming for personal development or disrupting harmful patterns in your relationships.

However, you won’t be going it alone this month. Venus shifts into Capricorn on January 23, imbuing your sign with magnetism that attracts allies. Single or committed, you can look forward to plenty of attention from those who love and admire you. A Leo full moon on January 25 emphasizes cooperation.

Aquarius - Crystal Vision

January 20 – February 18

Chances are your social circle provided plenty of inspo for launching a personal re-brand in 2024. But because transformation requires a surplus of energy, January’s signature theme is rest. Much like barren trees in winter, something significant simmers beneath the surface, patiently gathering all it needs to burst forth renewed in spring. Meanwhile, your subconscious mind is practically a satellite dish receiving messages from the etheric beyond. January is an ideal month to begin dream journaling or developing intuitive skills with tarot and other tools, especially near the Capricorn new moon on January 11.

The Leo full moon on January 25 marks a turning-point milestone in your relationship. You may need to make a forceful change if unhealthy dynamics are at play. It’s all about feeling safe and secure in your surroundings, which could jolt a sudden urge to change your scenery—either by taking a trip or spontaneously relocating. One thing’s for sure: Things will change in 2024.

Pisces - Start Again

February 19 – March 20

Marinating in a dreary soup of goals that didn’t quite materialize last year might seem self-indulgent, but consider it a study on what didn’t work. With Mercury’s direct motion on January 1, you’ve got a blank slate and a clear head to craft this year’s aspirations, particularly in the professional sphere.

Social connections become significant to self-actualizing through January. However, you’ll begin to notice which relationships add the most value to your life. Discernment is key, which may lead to a harsh truth about a frenemy during the Capricorn new moon on January 11. Don’t be afraid to clear out unhealthy connections to make room for more admirable alliances. The Leo full moon on January 25 signals shakeups at work. Power struggles could stir up drama unpleasant enough to cause you to reconsider your professional surroundings.

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