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200+ Hipster Baby Names 2023 Parents Will Love

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Nailya Bikmurzina

Looking for a hip baby name? The folks over at Namebrry have recently ranked the top “hipster” baby names 2023 has in store. So, what exactly is a hipster name? “They’re edgy and cool in the ironic can-you-believe-that-baby’s-named-Gladys/Mars/Thoreau way,” the site explains. “One of the hallmarks of hipster baby names is that they elicit a strong reaction (sometimes astonishment)—and if you balk, you’ll be told you ‘just don’t get it.'” It turns out these unique names also come in a variety of flavors—from vintage to international to geek chic and beyond. Below are the 6 hipster baby names categories and over 200 sweet monikers that define them!

1. Vintage Hipster Names. Heirloom names that give wafts of generations past.
Girl Examples: Agnes, Betty, Constance, Dorothea, Florence, Harriet, Hilda, Ida, Lois, Loretta, Lucinda, Maude, Minerva, Odette, Opal, Theodosia, Wilhemina, Winifred.
Boy Examples: Abner, Alistair, Ambrose, Archibald, Boaz, Casper, Chester, Cosmo, Ira, Jethro, Lazarus, Lev, Lyle, Montgomery, Mordechai, Phineas, Roscoe, Stanley, Thaddeus, Winslow.

2. International Hipster Names. Unexpected monikers with roots beyond the U.S. borders.
Girl Examples: Anahita, Apolline, Asha, Clemence, Eithne, Eleni, Eluned, Fenna, Io, Kyomi, Lotta, Lua, Ludovica, Marta, Petra, Puck, Saga, Sigrid.
Boy Examples: Artis, Bram, Corentin, Dev, Duarte, Elio, Fergus, Ivo, Lars, Laszlo, Ludo, Klaus, Moritz, Nino, Oisin, Pim, Tadhg, Timo, Vanya, Viggo.

3. Hipster Nature Names. Names that look to the great outdoors for inspiration (check out 50+ flower-themed names for more ideas!).
Girl Examples: Andromeda, Blossom, Bloom, Clover, Cricket, Fern, Hyacinth, Indigo, Indre, Lark, Lavender, Lilac, Marigold, Pepper, Plum, Prairie, Saffron, Soleil, Sparrow, Zinnia.
Boy Examples: Canyon, Cedar, Field, Frost, Grove, Hawthorn, Huckleberry, Leaf, Mars, Mercury, Moss, Oak, Ocean, Peregrine, Quill, Quince, Reef, Ridge, Wolf, Woody.

4. Geek Chic Names. Basically, deep vintage names that still have a bit of time to resurface.
Girl Examples: Agatha, Avis, Bernadette, Cornelia, Dinah, Edna, Enid, Geraldine, Gertrude, Gladys, Henrietta, Imogene, Mildred, Myrtle, Nadine, Prudence, Sybil, Thelma, Ursula, Zelma.
Boy Examples: Arnold, Barnaby, Clement, Clifford, Clive, Cornelius, Ennis, Eugene, Grover, Herbert, Homer, Irving, Irwin, Lester, Lloyd, Nigel, Oswald, Rufus, Seymour, Virgil.

5. Hipster Hero Names. Monikers inspired by your favorite icons and protagonists.
Girl Examples: Arrietty, Bowie, Briony, Bronte, Didion, Djuna, Flannery, Greer, Holiday, Isolde, Kahlo, Nightingale, Nyx, Pippi, Poe, Scout, Solange, Wednesday, Zadie, Zora.
Boy Examples: Ansel, Brando, Calder, Coltrane, Eames, Elvis, Ferris, Gable, Hawkins, Langston, Mccoy, Mingus, Noam, Rohmer, Tennyson, Ulysses, Wilbur, Whistler.

6. Hipster Nickname Names. It sounds like it’s short for something, but—surprise!—it’s the whole name.
Girl Examples: Bee, Bess, Billie, Birdie, Bobbie, Cleo, Coco, Dolly, Dot, Goldie, Lou, Lulu, Minnie, Pixie, Polly, Posy, Sally, Tilly, Trixie, Zibby.
Boy Examples: Alfie, Beck, Chaz, Frank, Gene, Gus, Hank, Hodge, Huck, Ike, Iggy, Jules, Kip, Kit, Monty, Ned, Ozzy, Rudy, Sonny, Ziggy.

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