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Bear and Bird Jarvis

Jarvis on His New Chapter Book Series, Bear and Bird

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Valerie Metz

Looking for a great summer read? Look no further than the latest release from kid-lit author/illustrator, Jarvis. Known for over a dozen stunning children’s books (Lazy Dave, Tropical Terry, and The Boy With Flowers in His Hair included), the award-winning talent is back again with his first-ever chapter book series, Bear and Bird.

As Jarvis tells us, “Bear and Bird is all about the ups, downs, and in-betweens of friendship. It’s about the small things, the little misunderstandings, and the tiny things that bring you joy.”

The multi-book series starts out with this month’s release, Bear and Bird; The Picnic and Other Stories, which includes four endlessly charming chapters, in which the main characters find themselves in silly, forgetful, funny, secretive, and ultimately sweet and playful scenarios.

“I just love sitting down with these characters,” says Jarvis. “Each story is a new way of getting to know their relationship. If anything a little bit funny or odd happens in my life, however small, I’ll often think ‘ah…this could be a Bear and Bird. So they’re actually quite autobiographical in a way.”

The chapter The Blanket, for example, shows Bear happily snuggled up in his blanket when Bird knocks on his door and asks to watch the sunset together.

“Umm. I would…” said Bear. “But I’m actually really busy. Something quite important has come up. Something that needs my attention.”

That “something” is “fluffy-fluffy time” curled up with his beloved blanket, whom he calls Suzie Woozie.

One thing leads to another, miscommunication, jealousy, and hurt feelings ensue, before being patched up by the friends as they both snuggle up together under the blanket.

“I hope readers will see themselves in the book, have a few chuckles, and I hope they enjoy hanging out with Bear and Bird for a while,” says Jarvis of the 4-chapter gem.

As for the best age to read this book? “I have been told it’s a great book for those who are perhaps wanting to read more ‘grown-up’ looking books, and with 4 chapters and lots of illustrations, to me it’s like 4 picture books in one,” he explains.

You can buy Bear and Bird; The Picnic and Other Stories via Bookshop, Amazon, and other places books are sold.

You can also pre-order the next book in the series, Bear and Bird; The Stars and Other Stories, which comes out in October.

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