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Mother Essentials: Blair Paysinger

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

While her studies in advertising and art and background in design definitely prepared Blair Paysinger for her first entrepreneurial endeavor, it was also much more than that. “A fierce passion for supporting Black people is what fuels me,” explains the Los Angeles-based mother of two, and founder of the one-year-old e-comm site Post 21, a comprehensive online marketplace featuring design-forward Black-owned businesses. “As a Black woman, I’ve known for years that this was missing from the market, and I’m so excited to have brought it to life.”

Blair worked hand-in-hand with her own mother, Juana Williams, to birth Post 21, which is named after the year (1921) when the Greenwood District in Tulsa, Oklahoma–otherwise known as “Black Wall Street“—was burned to the ground by white mobs, who also killed more than 300 Black residents of the once bustling community. The Greenwood that existed before the May 31, 1921 tragedy serves as the mother-daughter duo’s inspiration today.

“The innovative, sophisticated, and game changing ideas of Black Wall Street entrepreneurs, a drive that cannot ever be burned down or driven out, continues to live in Black entrepreneurs today,” they explain. “Standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us, we are ready to do what we have traditionally done—in a new and exciting way!” Below, check out Blair’s list of Mother Essentials that are getting her through her busy days—from Post 21 goodies and wine (!) to a new design collaboration with Clover Baby & Kids, and a supportive husband.

Wine. “I mean, I think this one explains itself. It signifies a sweet moment for myself, no matter what’s going on around me.” McBride Sisters Black Girl Magic Trio, $61.72, McBride Sisters.

My Clover Baby PJs. “My kids love picking out their PJs every night, and these I got to design! Seeing my children in something I made and hearing them pick them because mom made them is such a sweet reward.” Peace PJs, $34, Clover Baby & Kids.

Cute Velcro Shoes For Kids. “Velcro just makes it easy! Even my 2-year-old can put on and take off his shoes alone. This is also helping to develop independence.” Nike Blazer Mid ’77, $60, Foot Locker.

Garlic Chopper. “I put EXTRA garlic on everything I make, so this is just life changing. Extra cheat code is to buy the pre-peeled garlic.” OXO Food Chopper, $20.99, Target.

Hilltop Coffee & Mug. “Coffee is not only a necessity, but also just part of my routine. Knowing I have something warm and creamy waiting for me gets me out of bed each morning. Hilltop’s breakfast sandwich is an added bonus when I go to one of the locations.” Hilltop Coffee, $18, and Mug, $23, Hilltop.

Good Moms Podcast. “I am an introvert and enjoy my quiet time, so in the car I ofter don’t even realize I’m not playing any music. But when I want to listen to something, this is my go-to. The hosts are great moms and women and talk about things I often would never even think about.” GoodMomsBadChoices.com.

Vaseline. “We have these hidden all over our house, in every bag, and in both cars. We use it for a number of things like chapstick, diaper rash, and lotion.” Vaseline Healing Jelly Cocoa Butter, $8.96, Amazon.

Pattern Hair Products. “Figuring out the right product for curly hair is a long journey. I’m very happy to have figured out what works for me and my daughter. Pattern makes hair care one less thing on my mind—and they also have a subscription!” Pattern Hair Products, $24 and up, Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross.

Art. “Art is something else I have to have in my life. This artwork is bomb because it doubles as a puzzle. Art keeps me going and inspires every area of my life.” Three Fine Art Puzzle, $90, Post 21.

Peloton Bike. “Working out is essential, and I really love how immersive the Peloton classes are. Another great thing is that they have other classes like yoga, so it does double duty.” Peloton Bike, $1,895, Peloton.

Lashes. “It may seem silly, and also costly. However, I’ve found through the traditions of pregnancy, 4th trimester, and Covid, this small thing has helped me continue to feel like myself. Waking up and looking a bit more pulled together has been a saving grace to my mental health.”

Adidas Slides. “I wear these daily and year around, because Los Angeles. I have two pair, and I’m waiting for them to bring back the green and tan so my life can be complete.” Adilette Slides, $45, Adidas.

Henry Masks. “I love the design of these, they are so breathable and easy to clean. The best part is it’s a subscription, so I don’t have to think about it. They also have a kids’ sizes!” Neutral Masks 4-Pack, $49.95, Henry.

Sunscreen. “Another life necessity. This one we love because it doesn’t leave any white residue.” Black Girl Sunscreen SPF 30, $18.99, Black Girl Sunscreen.

Marble Candle. “Small luxuries throughout the house/day have really proved to change my whole mood.” Marble Refillable Candle, $68, Post 21.

Mom Hoodie. “A mom tribe is just soooo crucial, and mine is strong! This brand is from my mom tribe and promotes mom tribes.” Somebody’s Mama Hoodie, $130, Mindfulfee.

Family Calendar. “A personal calendar is obviously important, but as the kids get older the family calendar has become just as important. We have a shared email so we can add to a shared calendar on our phones, and also now have this physical option—first to keep the images, and secondly because when I can see what’s coming I can plan for it.” Modern Wall Calendar, $39, Artifact Uprising.

Night Prayer Routine. “We have a prayer that we say all together every night, and then both my kids get a chance to share what’s on their heart. This really centers me each night and shows me what they are thinking about. I smile each time and know I’m making my ancestors proud.”

Portable Charger. “I 100% will forget to charge my phone, so I try and keep this with me. I like this one because it can go directly into the wall, because I will forget to charge this as well.” Lezchi Portable Power Bank, $39.99, Amazon.

A Husband Who Understands. “Last, but certainly not least, my husband has been essential to my motherhood journey. He knows what me and the kids need before we need it, and does so many things without being asked.”

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