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Mother Essentials: Evan Sargent, Author & Mom Of 3

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

With July 4th right around the corner, many parents will be looking for thoughtful ways to talk to their kids about the history of America. While there are numerous ways to go about this—including plenty of kids’ books that cover the subject—one new title we suggest you add to your home library is We the People: the U.S. Constitution Explored and Explained. The hearty creation of author Evan Sargent and author-illustrator Aura Lewis does a kid-appropriate (and grownup-appropriate!) deep dive into the Constitution, including breaking down the branches of government and all 27 amendments, alongside gorgeous artwork.

As the authors explain in their introduction, “Today is a major time of change in our country. We want more people to take action around the things they believe in. You can do this through community involvement, politics, activism, and so much more. We believe in the power of anger and optimism. Resistance and action. Critique, celebration, and raised expectations. Most of all, we believe that having a deeper understanding of our Constitution can inspire change.”

A passionate change-maker herself, We The People author Evan Sargent recently created the feminist, community-based political activism group Poli-anna, which she juggles alongside her job as co-founder of branding agency COMMIT and as a mom of three sons—Sam, 13, Peter, 10, and Teddy, 8. Below, the busy and brainy Rhode Island-based mother fills us in on the current Mother Essentials that are getting her through her days!

Smile (& Everything Else) by Raina Telgemeier. “My 10-year-old Peter—and all of us, honestly—devour these books. It makes me happy that my boys are into books with main characters who are girls, and it’s a great break from Dog Man!” Smile, written by Raina Telgemeier, $11.95, Bookshop and Amazon.

Totoro PJs. “Ted, lover of all things fluffy, would live in these Totoro PJs if he could.” Totoro Plush Onesie, $24.99, Amazon.

Unstable Unicorns. “This is a fun and funny game we all love to play. The ‘basic unicorns’ crack me up. To be honest, it’s a little complicated, but I’ll take it for a chance to sit around a table together without screens.” Unstable Unicorns Card Game, $19.99, Target.

We the People: The U.S. Constitution Explored and Explained. “Aura Lewis and I created this book so kids could grow up with a different kind of U.S. government book in their house! It was named a Notable Social Studies Book by the National Council for Social Studies Children’s Book Council, and received an honor award from the California Reading Association.” We the People: The U.S. Constitution Explored and Explained, by Aura Lewis and Evan Sargent, $22.99, Bookshop and Amazon.

Moon Juice Skincare. “I finally got my skincare act together this year and I love Moon Juice. I have the Acid Potion, Plump Jelly, Cosmic Cream, and Milk Cleanse. It’s the first skincare that I’ve tried that doesn’t give me itchy bumps after layering multiple products. I also love the Holy Yoni oil!” Moon Juice Skincare, $32 to $42, Moon Juice.

Moleskine Notebooks. “I work in large size kraft Moleskine unlined notebooks. I have filled many, many, many of these over the years! I start in the morning with gratitudes, 3 things I’m celebrating from yesterday, and 3 things I want to accomplish today.” Moleskine Cahier Journal (Pack of 3), $21.55, Amazon.

Wingspan Game. “While we do play as a family, grownup game night with friends and wine (while the kids watch a movie) is definitely an essential in my life. This is a new favorite! It’s designed and created by an all women team, and is absolutely gorgeous.” Wingspan Board Game, $43.41, Amazon.

Eco Speakers. “Two of these speakers follow me from room to room, upstairs and down. From Mantras in Love by Beautiful Chorus in the morning, to shower singing, to dance breaks throughout the day, to Brené Brown while I do the dishes!” JBL Flip 5 Eco Speakers, $120, JBL.

Rachel Comey Isa Shirt. “I love fashion that feels like art and lets me express myself! Collecting pieces that will last a lifetime brings me joy. This shirt is another new out-there favorite for beach living. It goes over a t-shirt and jeans in the evening when it gets chillier. I love that the tag says ‘keep me forever.'” Rachel Comey Isa Oversize Print Shirt, $295, Nordstrom.

New Balance Fuel Core Sneakers. “Pete and Teddy love these innovative sneaks with a crank to tighten. I think (hope) they actually know how to tie shoelaces.” Fuel Core Sneakers, $54.99, New Balance.

Restorative Justice. “Sam went to 6th grade at a school that uses restorative justice practices—it’s about actively strengthening connections between individuals and in communities instead of just putting band aids on problems with old fashioned discipline. We have adopted some of them at home and it’s a game changer. When there is conflict, we have a sit down conversation—they feel grownup when given the space to share their side of the story and be heard! Each person has to ‘flag in’ with their hand and wait their turn to speak. We talk about how we’re all feeling. Then we agree on how to ‘make it right.’ It takes the pressure off us as parents to resolve everything for them and is truly beautiful.”

Punching Bag. “Sometimes words don’t quite do the trick. Sam asked for a punching bag and boxing gloves as an outlet for his frustrations with his little brothers! It really helps! This freestanding one was easy to set up in his room.” Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag, $179.99, Amazon.

Tiny Baking. “Teddy is obsessed with tiny baking! It’s his go-to activity when it’s time to put screens away. He is constantly baking micro-shortbread—it’s hysterical and I love how it’s science based.” Tiny Baking Kit, $19.95, Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Farmaesthetics. “These inhalation oils, especially the Adrenal Support, keep me going every day.” Etheric Inhalation Oil Collection, $96, Farmasethetics.

Lanshin Gua Sha. “I love learning about Chinese medicine and am a dedicated acupuncture patient. I recently started doing Gua Sha with products from Lanshin. She has amazing videos, and taking the time for face care in this way is making a difference—not just to my face, but my sanity. It’s meditative and stress relieving.” The Budget Friendly Kit, $108, Lanshin.

Squishmallows. “Teddy loves stuffed animals and all things fluffy. Danny and Tristan are true members of our family. When we’re out shopping, he buys fluffy blankets with his own money. He has a growing collection of cozy things on his bed.” Squishmallows Pillows, $9.99 to $19.99, Target.

Bernardo Fisherman Sandal. “The sandal of my dreams and my favorite shoe purchase in a very long time. They are comfortable, super high quality, and make a satisfying clomp on wood floors, which I love even if it’s just through my house. I bought them through Olivela, which gives back to great causes with every purchase.” Bernardo Sasha Fisherman Sandal, $218, Olivela.

Foosball. “With 3 boys ages 8-13 we are always looking for things they can do outside of screen time. They love the foosball table! It’s great because they can play 1 big kid against the 2 smaller ones. Miraculously they come together over this thing and there isn’t a lot of fighting.” Rally and Roar Foosball Table, $349.99, Amazon.

Mara Hoffman Carly Jumpsuit. “We moved to the beach (just outside Newport, RI) last May. I had fun with some items that I would probably not have worn in NYC. I’m obsessed with this jumpsuit! The quality is amazing and it’s super comfortable, fun, and flattering.” Mara Hoffman Carly Jumpsuit, $295, Shopbop.

Caran D’ache Ballpoint Pen. “Everyone was obsessed with these pens at my first job in a design studio in NYC and I have loved them ever since.” Caran D’ache Metal Ballpoint Pen, $17.95, Amazon.

Cook Unity. “Cook Unity saved me this winter. All the meals are created by great chefs, and it was such a pleasure to have restaurant-like lunches with a variety of ingredients after so many months of working from home and being in a rut with cooking. I love the kale/quinoa salad and coconut shrimp. The kids love anything with breaded chicken.” CookUnity.com.

Sisterhood.As the only female in a family of five, I would lose myself without being in community with women. I am grateful to have lots of sisterhood in my life including my mom, sister, friends, all-women business team, and other communities I’m part of like the Women’s Policy Institute here in Rhode Island, and gatherings with a group I started called Poli-anna.” Poli-Anna.com.

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