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Yay Or Nay? The Blowout Blocker

Written by Mindy White

Photography by Photo via Blowout Blocker

We stumbled upon this hilarious product, the Blowout Blocker, and really felt the need to share. If you’re a mom, you’ve heard of (and probably experienced) a blowout before. If not, well lucky you. A blowout is parenting slang for when your baby poops so much that it explodes outside of his diaper and causes a giant, stinky mess. We’ve even heard horror stories of it going, well, everywhere—the floor, rug, walls, ceiling—you get the idea. One of our editor’s even had to throw away a couch due to a massive blowout.

There’s actually a stage when blowouts are most common—while babies are still developing their digestive and excretory systems and the gastrointestinal tract doesn’t function maturely. This is where the Blowout Blocker would come in handy. According to the email that recently landed in our inbox, the product is made of a soft, absorbent fabric with a waterproof outer layer that velcros around baby’s waist and acts as a barrier to catch any mess between the diaper and baby’s clothes. Supposedly, parents are no longer left having to clean up and replace soiled clothing, blankets, and more (while gagging) and the makers say it’s easy to put on, wash, and reuse.

So, what do you think? Would you use a Blowout Blocker? Yes, it’s a humorous concept and a little funny looking, but for those who haven’t dealt with a blowout yet (thank your lucky stars), it seems like it might be a smart idea to have one of these things handy. Could the Blowout Blocker be the new saving grace for moms? What do you think, yay or nay?

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