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Mother Hoods

Mother Hoods: Lisa Mayock’s Brooklyn

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Heading to Brooklyn, NY ? If so, let Mother profile subject Lisa Mayock be your guide. For more on the Vena Cava designer and mama of baby Lucien, head over here

What are your favorite places in your city to…

Eat with the kids? “Going to restaurants has about a 50% disaster rate. But we keep trying! The first restaurant we took Lucien to was SriPraPhai in Queens. It’s loud and busy and there are lots of families. That worked out great. I’ll also take him pretty much anywhere that serves lunch, or anywhere that’s not too fussy or has outdoor seating.”

Eat with adults? “In our neighborhood, Emily, Roman’s, and Speedy Romeo.”

Shop for kids? “Honestly, I haven’t done much shopping yet, but my friend found some really great French websites with vintage children’s furniture, Pepe Andreani and Petit Parc. Someone really needs to remake some of the old wicker cribs from the 60’s, so that they meet the current safety guidelines. That’s a goldmine waiting to happen.”

Shop for yourself? “Craigslist, Chairish, 1stdibs, Etsy, Ebay, Housing Works online, awesome things I see on Instagram, and a lot of other random websites. Online shopping is always kind of tangential, one thing just leads to the next.”

Play with your child? “Fort Greene Park, our backyard, and more recently we’ve been venturing into the city. He is enthralled with things I would never think of—the art supply store, for example. I think a wall full of rainbow-colored paints was the best thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t sleep after that for the entire day.”

Play with your adult friends? “Anywhere we can bring or open a good bottle of wine. I’ve been into sparkling reds these days.”

Any good flea markets/thrift shops? “I miss all my old haunts: Amarcord, Horizons, Stella Dallas, Resurrection, and going to Housing Works in person.”

Any good museums? “I cant wait to take Lucien to the Natural History Museum. I think that will be a key winter activity”

Where do you take out-of-town visitors? “If friends are staying with us, then it’s usually neighborhood spots, but it depends on their interests. The last time my parents were visiting, I made up an elaborate lie so that I could surprise them with tickets to Kinky Boots, and it involved us hanging out in the Theater District. I don’t usually venture to the Theater District, so it felt like an adventure for everybody.”

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