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A Swaddle That Makes Your Baby Even More Burrito-Like

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photos Via Bon Vivant Baby

Chances are, your cozily swaddled newborn has been compared to a sweet little burrito at one time or another. And now, you can make that link even more literal thanks to a line of genius swaddle blankets from Bon Vivant Baby.

Meet the Tortilla Baby swaddle, which is made of a super-soft cotton-polyester blend that looks almost exactly like an actual flour tortilla! There’s also a matching hat to complete the look.

Each circular swaddle is made in the U.S., eco-friendly, and is baby-safe thanks to a lead-free printing process. And, drumroll, the fun doesn’t stop at dressing your offspring like a burrito. Just this week, the California-based company released the Lil’Eggroll and Lil’Sushi wrap. Um, we’re talking seaweed-like swaddles and sweet-and-sour sauce hats, people!

Who’s ready to dig in?

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