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Amy Tan On Her Rainbow Baby Joy, Colorful New Home, & More

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Morgan Pansing

While the arrival of a new baby might look like pure joy and sweet snuggles on the outside, the story behind the journey to that bundle of love is often more complicated. Such is the case of little Juniper, the 5-month-old daughter of entrepreneur and artist Amy Tan (a.k.a. Amy Tangerine).

In today’s profile, the prolific creative and social media star opens up about her harrowing journey to her second born, after suffering 4 heartbreaking miscarriages. She also discusses raising kids with a sizable age gap (big brother Jack is 7), giving birth during a pandemic, finding community online, and much more!

We were also lucky to get a first look into Amy’s vibrant new home, which perfectly matches the colorful Comotomo goods featured in this shoot, which include Comotomo’s beloved pink and green bottles, and the brand’s new Silicone Teethers that come in a modern pale blue and a bright tangerine hue! (A favorite of Amy’s, naturally!).

Settle in and enjoy!

This post is brought to you by Mother + Comotomo.

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  1. Cindy B says...

    What a truly heartfelt story. So glad that you now have the family you wanted. I’ve enjoyed watching Jack grow up over the years through your videos and vlogs. Juni is absolutely adorable and the relationship she shares with her brother is wonderful. My brother is 8 years younger than me, but we share a special bond that we don’t share with our other two siblings. We’ve always had each others backs and I love him to pieces.
    I am so sorry that there are so many ignorant people in today’s society. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I no longer watch the news…haven’t for some time now and was clueless of all the violence against various races. It’s so needless and senseless. I don’t know if things have calmed down, but I’m so glad we don’t see this in my area.
    Anyway, I wish you and your family all the best! ?

  2. Jorgi Baker says...

    Precious. Can’t think of a better word to describe this.

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