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Want/Need: Coral & Tusk

Written by Jennifer Riley

Photography by Photos Via Coral and Tusk

While embroidery is a centuries-old art form that may have at one time been reserved for our grandmothers, the masterminds behind Coral & Tusk have found a way to infuse fresh and new into every stitch.

From enchanted wall art to plush dolls to miniature handmade tipis, the brand’s embroidered treasures leave you feeling as if you’ve been taking a walk on the wild side…literally. Inspired by a love of animals, travel, and adventure, the well-curated line has broadened its product offerings into every room of your home. With linen pillows, dolls, napkins, and artwork stitched with incredibly charming renderings of foxes, bears, bunnies, and the like, there is a bit of whimsy and magic for everyone in the family—think Hans Christian Andersen fairytale meets Where the Wild Things Are.

Founded in 2007 by Stephanie Housley and her husband Chris Lacinak, Coral & Tusk embodies the spirit of luck and good fortune. Each piece starts as an original pencil drawing and is then redrawn stitch by stitch using special computer software, at the end every machine-embroidered work of art is finished by hand in the couple’s Brooklyn loft.

Some of our favorites from the collection include the Bulldog Mask, Bunny Watch, Bear With Tinsel Embroidered Stationary…the list goes on. Early holiday shopping anyone? We. Want. Everything!


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