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Mother Essentials: Dana Haim

Written by Erin Feher

After rounding up the Mother Essentials of textile designer Dana Haim, we’re pretty sure this column was designed specifically for her. This thoughtful mama has an eye for beauty, and also a nose for sniffing out ethical, sustainable brands and independently run shops from around the globe that are putting out the prettiest products. The last time we checked in with Dana was a mere months after her first babe, Orion, was born. He’s now 2 1/2 and has a little bro named Luca (8 months), so Dana has understandably become an expert on the most exquisite items for parents and kids. But Dana doesn’t just use her aesthetic prowess for shopping kids’ toys—her own line of table linens, blankets, and rugs are the things dinner party dreams (and casual daily lunches!) are made of. You can check out and pick up Dana’s creations in person (and even pester her for more shopping tips) when she joins us for our second annual MOTHER Market—an over-the-top family fun day and marketplace that you won’t want to miss—happening December 15, 2019 at Fort Mason Center in San Francisco. Check out Dana’s picks below, and be sure and stop by and say hi to her on December 15!

Jon Klassen Books. “As a family, we really treasure all of John Klassen‘s books. We started with Triangle and have collected most of them now. We like to read them to the boys in funny voices.” Jon Klassen Children’s Books, $5.39-$12.58, Amazon.

Bamboo Dinnerware. “I love this line of kids’ dinnerware. Great colors and great stacking.” Kids’ Bamboo Giftbox for Toddlers, $30, Cink

Apartment Building Blocks. “We just got these and I can’t wait to bust them out for the boys. I love the earthy desert palette and simple shapes that are so conducive to open-ended play.” Apartment Building Blocks by Raduga Grez, $124, Mouse in the House.

Fall Linens. “I’m getting really excited to play with darker shades of color with our Cacao Gingham table top linens for end of year festivities. I anticipate that darker colors will be really great for hiding inevitable cranberry sauce and wine stains.” Gingham Napkins, $16, Dana Haim

Good Coffee. “We are very much coffee people in our household. One of the things I look forward to the most, besides seeing my kids in the morning, is the smell of the fresh hot coffee brewing. I enjoy grinding fresh beans every morning and pouring a french press of this Lady Falcon roast, which is at the top of our rotation. I love that they are also located in the Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco.” Lady Falcon Atta Girl, $36 (2-pack), Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Sisters Body Wash. “I love this body wash. It was developed by three sisters and their dad, which is dear to me as I am the youngest of three sisters. It feels great and leaves your bathroom smelling like heaven. Plus, a portion of all proceeds go towards women’s health initiatives. Doesn’t get much better than that.” Sisters Gentle Body Wash, $22, Sisters

Stainless Steel Lunch Box. “I started packing lunches this year and never knew I would find such joy in it. I find it very satisfying to put all my love into this gesture and know that I am providing my oldest son with a nourishing meal while he is away from home. I also do a little quick minute drawing for him every morning to surprise him with, which has been so fun for both of us. I like this lunchbox because it’s simple and compact, but fits a good amount of food.” Ecozoi Leak Proof Stainless Steel Eco Lunch Box, $32.95, Amazon.

Everything Misha and Puff. “Every piece we have from this lovely brand is so cherished and well loved. Their products also really stand the test of time if cared for correctly. We love them so much.” Misha and Puff

Hinoki Body Oil. “This is at the top of my wishlist. Looks divine.” Hinoki Body Oil, $85, Wonder Valley.

All-Over Color. “I love these as all-purpose makeup. They are pretty much all I wear most days, plus a little mascara if I’m going somewhere special. I don’t have much time for getting ready like I used to and I find a little bit of this on my cheeks and lips goes a long way. They are both all natural, smell like tea, and have a great consistency.” Fat and the Moon Lip & Cheek Stain, $14, Amazon; Olio E Osso Balms, $28, Amazon.

Color Blocked Backpack. “I’ve had my eye on this bag for a while and keep coming back to it, perhaps this will be Ori’s next backpack.” Mo Bags Ruby Trio Backpack, $87, Merci Milo

Stacking Toy. “This is one of my favorite toys. I watch like a hawk when they are playing with it because I don’t want any of the pieces to go missing.” Wooden Story Natural Stacking Toy, $55, Merci Milo

Wabi Sabi Welcome. “This book really resonated on so many levels. Many of the ideas have stayed with me and actually really changed my approach to the way I inhabit and take care of our home as well as when we entertain and care for guests. I loved every single page so much.” Wabi-Sabi Welcome: Learning to Embrace the Imperfect and Entertain with Thoughtfulness and Ease by Julie Pointer Adams, $17.63, Amazon.

Versatile Jacket. “My quilted jacket from Micaela Greg has been a huge lifesaver. It’s so useful for varieties of weather and just feels great to wear.” Quilted Jacket, $396, Micaela Greg

Hello, Lighthouse. “This is another beautiful book we have been very into consistently for a while now. Ori loves to do reenactments from the story. The illustrations are also quite stunning.” Hello Lighthouse by Sophie Blackall, $11.99, Amazon.

Early Riser Companion. “I just received my copy of this and I’m really enjoying it so far. Being a young family wrapped up in the nitty gritty of taking care of a baby and a toddler, we’ve barely had time to breathe or come up for air, let alone time to dream up rituals and fantasize about certain traditions or ways of celebrating that would be special to us. I am happy to have this guide to help inspire me now that we have had a moment to take a breath and can actually hone in on the ways that we intend to honor special moments for our family and in general to just help breakdown the seasons of parenthood in a fun and beautiful way.” Early Riser Companion by Elizabeth Antonia, $40, Midland

Family Ring. “My husband gifted me this ring after Luca was born. He had it customized with birthstones representing each member of our family. I stare at it all day. Kate the designer also happens to be an old friend from RISD which also makes me happy.” Oneida Ring, $1,785, Kate Jones.

Modern Play Kitchen. “We fell in love with this Umi Kitchen by Woodchuck.nl the minute we saw it. The minimal design and useful hook system makes it easy for Ori to reach and grab things to play with. He loves cooking us strawberry pasta.” Umi Play Kitchen, $408.57, Woodchuck

All-Purpose Blanket. “This Arrow stripe blanket from my line has traveled with us everywhere. We take it outside with us almost every weekend and then give it a nice wash in our trusty machine and it’s cozy and looks great on our couch as well.” Arrow Blanket, $120, Dana Haim

Cozy Cardigan. “These sweaters are adorable and the craftsmanship is impeccable. They are all handmade in Nepal and the attention to detail on them is so lovely. Luca is now wearing Ori’s and they are just perfect heirloom pieces. I really love this shop in general.” Forest Fern Sweater, $52, Mouse in the House.

Baskets. “I think I may have an addiction to buying baskets of all kinds, but I think this addiction has served me well as they are now in use in every corner of my house where the inevitable toddler toy/tzatziki bonanza ends up at the end of the day. Orion likes the most random things that are so unappealing to the child in me, but who am I to judge, so I just wrangle all the random things and toys and objet into the designated baskets and forget about them until it all starts again the next day.” Bolga Basket, $68, General Store.

Lactation Granola. “Deliciously addictive lactation granola for nursing mothers. The people who weren’t nursing were stealing it from me.” Milk Maker Granola, $16, Sweet Deliverance

Oprah Super Soul Conversations Podcast. “This makes the job of folding laundry or doing dishes way more enjoyable. I get so wrapped up in these deep conversations and find myself crying way more than I care to admit, especially while folding.” Oprah Super Soul Conversations Podcast.

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