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Mother Essentials: Dev Heyrana

Written by Erin Feher

Art is life for today’s Mother Essentials mama. Dev Heyrana previously shared with MOTHER her deeply personal story of how art helped her recover and thrive after brain surgery, and we have been longtime fans of her dreamy watercolor portraits. And for families who are resolving to integrate more creative time into 2020 (and more pretty messes!), Dev is the perfect person to turn to. Her two daughters—Rowan, 3, and Quinn, 6—paint, scribble, and sketch by her side almost daily. So, it’s no surprise her own 15 Mother Essentials are filled with must-have art supplies for every age, from washable crayons meant for decorating mirrors and windows to all-natural watercolors in the prettiest palette all the way from the Philippines to inexpensive rolls of kraft paper with a million uses. Check out all her picks below!

Colored Pencils and Cute Case. “Every time I roll this out the girls’ eyes light up. We bring it when we eat out and on our travels, and parents always ask where we got it from. It’s beautifully made, the pencils feel great in their little hands, and the case is made with thick canvas.” Pencil Case with 18 Colored Pencils, $28, Oso & Me

Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons. “We are big fans of Aiko Nakagawa, an incredible muralist. We have lots of glass and mirrors around our home, and the girls have been inspired by her and have made many murals thanks to these. The crayons live up to the name, and on rainy days the girls will invite visitors to help with their murals, too. I love how opaque the crayons are, and that the color cleans off so easily.” OOLY Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons, $22.29, Amazon

Freda Salvador Sneakers. “I’ve worn these so much, I think it’s time for a second pair. They are the most versatile shoes I own. So comfortable, and I can dress them up or down. I can go from school drop-off, to client meetings, and then when I hang my art pieces, it makes me feel put together.” Freda Salvador Sneakers, $295–$475, Freda Salvador.

Animal Sketchbooks. “Not only are they adorable, they’re great when you’re on the go. I love the handle and the closure, and they are so cute to look at.” OOLY Carry Along Animal Sketchbooks, $14.99, Amazon

Kraft Paper Roll. “This is by far the most useful paper in our home. I roll this out and lay it down when the girls want to paint. Some of the paint from their artwork inevitably gets on it and I use it as wrapping paper, especially for birthday presents. I use it for wrapping my own art pieces, too, when I ship them out. When people ask what the paint is on the paper and I tell them, it always makes our family and friends happy.” Kraft Postal Wrapping and Packing Paper, $5.49, Target

Pawena Ceramic Cup. “I find painting to be a big part of my self-love. I wanted to make sure that the tools I use are just as thoughtful. I met Pawena at West Coast Craft and was blown away by her talent and passion. I look at this almost every night and it makes me happy.” Pawena Ceramic Water and Brush Cup, $50, Pawena Studio

Dot a Dot Markers. “Seurat and Signac in kiddo form! It’s Pointallism in the best way, with the added benefit of being washable.” Do A Dot Art! Markers, $16.99, Amazon.

Wild Child. “Investing in memberships for the girls has been a gift not only for them, but for us, too. This super cool interactive play space in Oakland is such a gem. It was created by educators, artists, and folks who are passionate about creating a thoughtful space for exploration and fun for little ones.” Wild Child Play, $14 for a drop-in pass, Wild Child.

Bravery Magazine. “I love how each issue embodies the woman they feature on the cover and what makes her brave. Quinn can go back to every issue again and again, and they are all beautifully written and illustrated. One day she’ll tell me something new about Frida Kahlo and the next she wants to make a flower crown.” Bravery Magazine, $18 an issue, Bravery

Kids’ Aprons. “I don’t mind the mess, but there are projects when we really want to Jackson Pollock it out. These are well designed, like a top with one tie in the back. They are so easy to wear that the girls forget they have them on.” Rainbow Watercolor Floral Bapron by BapronBaby, $22.95, Amazon.

Everyday Oil. “This smells incredible and feels great on my skin. I use it on myself and the girls. I place a small amount on the tips of the girls’ hair and I get to smell it while I kiss them.” Everyday Oil, $48, Goop

Watercolor Box. “Handmade by a fellow artist from the Philippines, Allesadra Lanot, I can’t get enough of this palette. Knowing that this is handmade with natural pigments makes painting with it even more special.” Handmade Watercolor Box, $69, Life After Breakfast

Watermelon Spray. “Little things like these makes my day. The watermelon scent makes me happy and quenches my dry skin during the day. I give the girls a little spritz, too, especially when we’re in the mountains.” Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist, $28, Sephora

Clare V. Crossbody. “I needed a bag I can wear crossbody for easy toddler wrangling, to fit my essentials, and also my iPad Pro for sketching and client presentations. I added the black and white shoulder strap. The color and texture of the bag is so unique, I’ve been using it every day.” The Loden Croco Attaché, $365, Clare V.

Travel Brush Set. “We use this set almost every day. Yes, me and the girls. They always want to use the tools I use. These are so well made that one set has lasted us two years. I can travel with it, or use it at a coffee shop, and it’s great for small hands. As long as you have a sketchbook, there’s always a cup and water you can find.” Raphael Mini Travel Brush Set in Bamboo Wrap, $33.12, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

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