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6 Entrepreneurs (Many Of Them Moms!) Share Their Favorite Resources

Written by Erin Feher

Building a business from scratch is never easy, so it reasons that doing it while raising young kids would be, well, damn near impossible. Yet the number of entrepreneur moms in the U.S. appears to be on the rise. And many of these moms are knocking it out of the park. Turns out, when you’re a women up against the punishing motherhood penalty and an enduring gender wage gap, being your own boss starts to look even more appealing. Plus, many moms can attest that their brightest ideas, amped-up ambition, and creative strokes have been inspired by motherhood, rather than inhibited by it.

While some mothers start businesses in order to see a big idea come to life, others look to the flexibility that it can often afford them—an option to work and raise children on their own schedule. And while entrepreneurship is certainly more about hard work than glitz and glamour, it seems to be a path more and more qualified women are open to taking.

Unfortunately, there are still many sobering statistics around women-owned businesses and the lack of resources—in the form of funding, mentorship, and more—that are offered to them. Which is why sharing the stories of female business owners, supporting them, and learning from each other is key. Obviously, we here at Mother are amongst the loudest cheerleaders for this ever-expanding cohort of female entrepreneurs, so we’re highlighting 6 inspiring founders and authors—all of whom will be speaking at our upcoming In Good Company conference in San Francisco!—and asked them to share their top books, quotes, practices, and other bits of advice that have aided their journey as entrepreneurs and, for many of them, as mothers.

Click on for some keen advice from artist and illustrator Carolyn Suzuki, WIE founder and CEO Dee Poku, co-owner and creative director of Heath Ceramics, Cathy Bailey, author Darcy Lockman, Change Cadet founder Dr. Akilah Cadet, and Lindsay Meyer-Harley, owner of Darling Clementine and founder of Still We Rise.

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