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February 2023 Horoscopes


Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Luke Gram

It’s horoscope time! Check out what’s in store for you this month by reading through the larger themes of these February 2023 horoscopes, then finding your specific sign below.

Where January was a scratch pad of do-overs and pen scribbles, February opens like a virgin notebook: full of bright possibilities and a divine temptation to create. Optimism, romance, and a surplus of creative energy dialed in for beauty and joy rushes onto the scene as the calendar flips a page, heralded by a warm and joyful full moon in Leo on February 5. This lunation invites us to meet our authenticity face-to-face as a birthright and a responsibility. Showing up as yourself with bold honesty scales your compass for a landscape of tailor-made opportunity and pure bonds.

Telling it like it is takes on a flavor of controlled coolness for the good of all once Mercury shifts into Aquarius on February 11. Romance and magic rule once again when the sun shifts into Pisces on February 18. The mundane is infused with the memory of fantastical parallel planes, if only we should decide to access them.

A stunner of a new moon occurs in Pisces on February 20, an ideal time to initiate creative projects and forge relationships. Whatever is set into material motion during this lunation will have a dreamlike, transformative effect. Discernment and sobriety in your choices are vital instruments with so much power at your fingertips to create new worlds.

February Legend

February 5: Full Moon in Leo
February 11: Mercury enters Aquarius
February 18: Sun enters Pisces
February 20: New Moon in Pisces, Venus enters Aries

Find Your Sign

Aries - Respect Yourself

March 21 – April 19

Awakenings regarding your value system in relationships come fast and furious as the month begins. A Leo full moon (February 5) sheds light on where your love life may be lacking. If your needs are neglected or if you simply do not feel valued according to your worth, this lunation will push you to make changes accordingly. Without respect for your needs, you’ll have no trouble walking away. Don’t hesitate to call on friends for a sympathetic ear this month.

Once Venus enters your sign on February 20, you’ll be worlds away. Charm, charisma, and magnetism are your superpowers to wield for business or pleasure. Leading with a radical flavor of self-love and respect will earn you admirers and new professional connections.

Taurus - Lean into Liberation

April 20 – May 20

Greener pastures are yours for the grazing this month, especially if you’ve been feeling fenced in by your surroundings. Big changes in your homespace could develop rapidly early in the month with a Leo full moon (February 5) shocking your domestic sector. Radical changes can ensure liberation within your family’s dynamic, but they don’t have to be destabilizing to your bonds.

Putting love and romance on pause to think more deeply about your values and desires benefits your future self after Feburary 20. A dreamlike Pisces new moon on that same day enchants your social life. Friendships can demonstrate how magical and multidimensional love can be, even platonic love. Lean into it, and apply your lessons accordingly.

Gemini - Guts and Glory

May 21 – June 20

Information is often your currency, and this month, that’s more true than ever. A beautiful full moon in Leo on February 5 accentuates your gift of gab and ability to make connections with vital information. Just be mindful not to spill too many of your private beans or share someone else’s secrets. Being vulnerable is a strength, but this lunation could tip you overboard with exuberance.

Love becomes dynamic and transformative once Venus enters your social sphere on February 20. A friend could reveal a simmering crush, or you may simply appreciate your partnership’s foundation of friendship more.

Your career gets a dreamy jumpstart later in the month during the Pisces new moon on February 20. There is no better time this month to spearhead professional goals. You’re practically guaranteed cosmic support, so don’t hesitate to make moves.

Cancer - Aftershocks

June 21 – July 22

A full moon in bold Leo (February 5) could shake up your finances, leaving you a little rattled about money early in the month. A source of income may come to a close, and you might have to lean on your partner or family for support, but only for a short while. On February 20, Venus begins blessing your professional sector with new opportunities and a rather high earning potential. Don’t sit on your hands—you have the support to make it happen!

A Pisces new moon (February 20) offers fresh perspective on spiritual philosophy. You may experience moments of marked synchronicity. Are coincidences even real, or breadcrumbs of a deep inner knowing? Only you can decide.

Leo - Changing Winds

July 23 – August 22

Your authentic feelings about how you spend your one life’s precious time may become unavoidably apparent this month, Leo, but this doesn’t necessarily spell drama. A fabulous full moon in your sign on February 5 lights the way to your truth. If you’ve been working a thankless job or otherwise feel as though you’re wasting time, February is the moment for a bold course correction.

Partners of all kinds in your intimate and professional lives offer a wellspring of support through this transitional time. It will be apparent how many people love and support you during the emotionally open Pisces new moon (February 20). Speak up about what you need, and always lead with gratitude.

Virgo - Moments of Magic

August 23 – September 22

Last year’s baggage still weighing you down? Now’s the time to release yesterday’s heaviness and begin in a tidy mental, spiritual, and emotional space. Consider it an esoteric form of early spring cleaning that allows you to move more fluidly into your future. An unapologetic Leo full moon (February 5) is just what the doctor ordered for such an ordeal. Adding a heavy dose of rest and self-compassion makes the medicine go down easier.

Your earning potential could be strengthened by powerful collaborations later this month. Venus blesses your shared resources sector after February 20, emphasizing an “ask and you shall receive” energy and ethic.

Both romantic and business relationships are in for a fresh facelift during the Pisces new moon on February 20. Things may develop with a seemingly magical flair of what feels like fate. Your intuition will also be heightened at this time, so don’t neglect to check in with your gut.

Libra - Ties that Bind

September 23 – October 22

If there’s a friendship—or a dynamic in your social life—holding you back from your highest potential of peace, you’ll know about it early in the month. A fiery full moon in Leo (February 5) will take no prisoners in your friendship sector. You’re not one known for a fight, but this lunation may trigger a falling out. And know that breaking up with a messy friend is in your best interest.

Your partnerships, both in business and pleasure, get a boost this month from Venus, your ruler. Enjoy harmony and a deep sense of love built on a foundation of mutual respect. You may solidify your bonds further with a formal agreement, such as an engagement or marriage.

A new moon in Pisces (February 20) could bring an opportunity to freshen your work life. Pay attention to coincidences—the universe is conspiring in your favor.

Scorpio - Deep Magic

October 23 – November 21

Uncertainty about your professional aspirations seem to melt away early in the month. A full moon in decisive Leo (February 5) illuminates your career sector, bringing a sense of confidence to your convictions around how you choose to spend your time making a living. Epiphanies may feel chaotic at first, but trust that they are clearing the rubble for building a strong and stable future.

Life becomes more romantic during a Pisces new moon (February 20). Your ability to manifest and create out of thin air are riding high, matched by a crystal clear inner knowing that can only be described as psychic. Love and romance are highly favored by this lunation. Relationships feel less earthly and more fated on a deep spiritual current. Pay close attention to who you meet and what you start at this time.

Sagittarius - New Adventures

November 22 – December 21

Staying relevant in your industry may feel more important that ever this month. A full moon in Leo (February 5) charges you up with energy and confidence to pursue new avenues of education and training. What might feel daunting at first can actually be a fantastic new adventure in learning and personal development.

With a brave and open heart, your love life can be just as adventurous this month. After February 20, singles have plenty of luck taking a chance on someone new. Committed Sagittarians find new sparkle in established relationships.

Home and family life take on a dreamlike quality during the Pisces new moon (February 20). You’ll enjoy more peace and feel the urge to put down some sturdy-but-comfortable roots.

Capricorn - Rally Support

December 22 – January 19

Unexpected expenses might keep you on your toes early this month. A Leo full moon (February 5) might throw you for a financial loop that could have some long term implications. Rallying the support of your partner and family may be essential to weather this rough patch.

However, Venus begins to grace your earned income sector on February 20. This spells heightened ability to earn and save—so take advantage of it! A Pisces new moon (February 20) could also harken a new communication project.

Aquarius - New Growth

January 20 – February 18

Your emotional life is in a bit of a toss-up as the month begins. Interpersonal dynamics could either be fulfilling or disappointing during the Leo full moon (February 5). Releasing yourself from any expectation is key to maintaining balance. Mercury enters your sign on February 11, ensuring that you have the power to think and talk your way back to a peaceful state.

A Pisces new moon (February 20) refreshes your earned income sector with new opportunities for growth. Don’t hesitate to throw your hat into the ring when the opportunity presents itself. Your ability to maximize potential now can’t be overstated.

Pisces - Shine Time

February 19 – March 20

Work may feel more unpredictable than usual as the month begins, with a Leo full moon (February 5) poised to set a professional domino effect in motion. A coworker may unexpectedly leave, saddling you with extra work and responsibility. Or, you may suddenly decide to walk out on your job—especially if it’s a toxic or unhappy one.

In stark contrast, your love life is nothing but bliss this month. Romance may take a more private, intuitive turn with Mercury and Venus both hanging out in the part of your chart ruling dreams, privacy, and the subconscious.

Your watery season of power officially begins on February 18, enhancing your magnetism and already high natural propensity for the romantic and the psychic. A glorious new moon in your sign on February 20 is like a personal genie in a bottle. Simply make your wishes known and have a whole new world served up to you on a silver plate of oysters.

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