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Sex Ed

First Period Prep Has Gotten So Much Cooler

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by

Photograph via Thinx

We all have our own first period story. And while it was likely slightly less mortifying and mysterious than our own mothers’ tales (menstrual belts, anyone??), we were probably still woefully underprepared and under-informed. Thankfully, there has been something of a menstrual revolution of late, and dare we say, it may even make the idea of that first period…fun? A host of new companies have made it their business to rethink and rebrand feminine products. The result? Super cute and comprehensive first period kits, filled with everything a girl could need (plus a few things they may want, like pretty lipgloss and yummy chocolate) are on offer from a handful of companies, and there are full Pinterest pages dedicated to DIYing your own. We have rounded up some of the coolest new options in the slideshow below. Plus, for tips on talking to your kids (girls and boys should be empowered with this info), check out the incredibly comprehensive E-book, Lola’s Personal, Honest, Real-Life Guide to Your First Period.

For more on that time of the month, check out our piece on Talking to Your Daughters (and Sons!) About Periods.

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