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Say What? Gluten-Free Chocolate Brownies

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed By Karla Salinari

Karla Salinari, Mother’s resident food-flip queen and mama-of-one, has graced these pages with delectable dishes and bites ranging from vegan mac n’ cheese to healthy bread pudding. Chances are you’ve already tried your hand at one or two of her recipes and fallen in love, but if not, what are you waiting for? Her flips are fab! Today, she’s back with yet another recipe both you and your family are sure to devour in mere minutes. That’s right, we’re talking about gluten-free brownies. Chocolately, ooey, gooey, bite-sized dessert without the wheat. What makes them gluten-free, you ask? Why cassava flour, of course! A great gluten alternative that packs a healthy, but divinely flavorful punch and is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds. Don’t believe us? Whip up a batch, and try them for yourself. Chances are you won’t even be able to taste the difference. You can thank us later!

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