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Photographed by Maria Del Rio

How To Switch Your Cleaning Products To Cleaner, Greener Ones

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by

Photographed by Maria Del Rio

Doing a big purge of your home is standard new year fare. However, doing a deep clean of your cleaning gear is less typical, but many would say equally (if not more) important for your well-being. According to multiple studies, creating a non-toxic—or less-toxic—home has numerous health benefits. Research has found that frequent use of harsh cleaning ingredients (like bleach and disinfectants) is linked to an increased chance of chronic lung disease. Additionally, a 2013 study in Spain found that moms who used spray cleaners and air fresheners in their homes during and after pregnancy were significantly more likely to have children that experienced wheezing and respiratory infections as infants. Not to mention, Americans have an unsettling obsession with and reliance on paper towels that outpaces any other country. It’s said that paper towel use in the U.S. wipes out 94,000 trees a day, which amounts to nearly 35 million trees every year!

To help you clean up your act when it comes to at-home cleaning, the folks at Grove Collaborative have got you. The e-retailer has a site filled with thoroughly vetted green cleaning products, including crowd favorites Dr. Bronner’s, Bon Ami, and Seventh Generation, as well as the company’s in-house label. Some highlights from the exclusive Grove brand include the tree-free line of Seedling by Grove paper towels, tissues, and toilet paper, as well as cleaning concentrates that simply need to be mixed with water in order to use, cutting down on plastic waste and the eco-footprint of shipping heavy, water-logged cleaning supplies around the country.

To try Grove out for yourself, simply click here to get started. Every new customer who spends $20 will score a free gift set, which includes a 3-pack of Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates, a Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle, the brand-new design of Grove Collaborative’s Cleaning Caddy, and a 2-pack of Grove Collaborative’s signature Walnut Scrubber Sponges. Meanwhile, new customers who spend $39 or more will receive all of the above, plus a free Grove ceramic sink-side tray. Existing customers will score a free set of sponges.

We recently tried out Grove for the very first time ourselves and are showing you the beautiful green products we picked out for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and cleaning shelf. Check them out in our slideshow below and get inspired to customize your own first shipment right here.

This post is brought to you by Mother x Grove Collaborative.

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  1. Pamela Boyles says...

    Do they offer a catalog of your products available.I just today received my first order.How exactly does this Grove Collaborative work? If you had to provide a password,I have already misplaced it.How then am I considered a member? Do you post me or send me sale items when available? Thank you.

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