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What’s Working For Me: 10 Moms Share Their Homeschooling Reality

Written by Erin Feher

Photography by Photo by Naomi Phan-Quang

With just a few weeks left of the strangest school year on record, we thought it was a great time to round up all the tried-and-true homeschooling methods parents have come to rely on over the past few months. We asked moms from coast to coast (and even one from abroad!) what this experience has been like for them, how they have rearranged their lives to educate their kids, and how they have kept everyone sane in the meantime. From the Netherlands to New York to Northern Indiana, click through the slideshow below for a glimpse into the shelter-in-place homeschool set-ups of 10 inspiring—and very real!—mamas. Have any of your own lockdown education tips to share? Tell us all about ’em in the comments below.

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