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Pregnancy Style

How To Dress To Conceal Your Pregnancy—Tips From Beyoncé’s Stylist!

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Courtney Klein from Storq, Photographed by Maria Del Rio

There are several reasons a woman might want to hide her pregnancy—whether it’s because she’s shy/private in general, doesn’t want to answer a million questions about her child-to-be, fears unwanted belly-pawing, or hasn’t quite decided how or when to tell her colleagues or friends. So, while some women flaunt their growing bumps with abandon, others want to downplay the entire thing, which can be tricky when it comes to dressing for a rapidly expanding waistline. That’s where Raquel Smith comes in. The mama to an amazing 2-year-old boy (a surprise pregnancy!) and a celebrity stylist that counts Beyoncé as her #1 client knows a little something about the best tips and tricks to disguise a pregnancy. Here, she spills 10 of them.

1. “Wear layers! Sometimes they can help hide the baby bump, as do nice draped sweaters with plenty of texture. I love Helmut Lang cardigans for this very reason.”

2. “Perhaps it’s a no-brainer, but skip the tight-fitting clothing and go for loose-fitting dresses or blouses.”

3. “Long tunic tops paired with leggings or skinny jeans is a go-to combo.”

4. “Wearing all-black-everything makes you look slimmer overall.”

5. “At the same time, wearing a cool printed top, dress, or pencil skirt (paired with a looser top) can help cause a bit of distraction from the belly area. When choosing prints, go for diagonal or vertical prints instead of horizontal versions, which tend to widen.”

6. “Carry an oversized handbag to help cover up your mid-section.”

7. “One-trick wonders that help disguise a bump include tops and dresses with ruffles, wrap tops, and long, chunky scarves.”

8. “Try layers of chunky jewelry or choker-type necklaces that help draw eyes upwards.”

9. “When it comes to dresses, go for A-line silhouettes or long, flowy maxi dresses.”

10. “Wear a tailored blazer to show off your waistline. Pair it with a loose-fitting blouse.”

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