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How One Mompreneuer Stays Fit

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy; Videography by Geoff Boothby

Juggling the care of children and the maintenance of one’s career (not to mention romantic and platonic relationships) is a feat in itself. Add staying fit into the mix, and we salute any mama able to do all of the above. Of course, genius products like the Bugaboo Runner, a new jogging stroller designed specifically for active parents, are something like saviors for multitasking moms like Pop Physique owner Jennifer Williams. Here, the busy mother of four—Theadora, 15, Liam, 12, Domino, 4, and Louis, 2—takes the Runner (which comes as an all-in-one package or can connect with existing Bugaboo seats) on a trek through the beautiful L.A. hills.

Check our our video with Jen above and the short Q&A below, where she discusses post-baby bods, staying active while raising a brood, her fave running spots in L.A., and more!

What’s a typical day like for you, working and spending time with your kids in the city?
“I’m up super early to check in on the New York City studio that is two-months-old. I always cook a proper breakfast for the kids (french toast on the griddle from my grandmother’s recipe) and we sit in the dining room and eat together—even if it’s quick. Next, I am off to one of our locations in LA to take a morning class and then to our headquarters downtown for more meetings, teacher trainings, and photoshoots. We get home between 4:30- 5 p.m. to see our kids and have dinner with them. It’s usually bath time and bed time before we know it, and then depending on the day, more work in bed or Downton Abbey if I am lucky!”

Being a mom and career woman, how do you find time to stay in shape?
“I have to organize my days around my workout. Otherwise, it doesn’t happen. We try to make something active daily, whether it’s a walk with the kids and the stroller, a family hike on the weekend or a Pop Physique class.”

Any advice for other moms on staying active?
“Take your baby/kids outside! Work them into your workout. Or sneak in a fitness class super early in the morning before everyone is awake.”

What are your favorite running spots in LA?
“Fryman Canyon is beautiful and much less of a scene than Runyon Canyon. On a weekend, running the path on the beach in Venice is a fun jaunt.”

Tell us about Pop Physique and how it began.
“I was a ballet dancer professionally and I wanted a career in which I was able to see my children more often. I wanted a studio in my neighborhood of Silverlake that had good style, good interior design, good music, and a workout that used dance principles to be efficient. I created it for myself as the first client. I get to teach, do teacher training, design spaces, design clothes, and marketing campaigns. It is deeply rewarding.”

How do your kids like the Bugaboo Runner?
“Louis loves to ride in it. I think it is the most comfortable Bugaboo that we have. He chooses it daily for his walk before nap time.”

Do you run together with the kids often?
“We love to hike and run and make it a family outing. We pack snacks and climb up together.”

Any tips for moms on getting back into shape postpartum?
“Start with walking, then as you can, begin jogging and hiking to build endurance. Getting outside is the best for you and your baby. It will completely cheer you both up! If you can add a class for toning and building strength along with stretching you will be feeling good!”

This post is brought to you by Mother x Bugaboo. 

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