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Written by Christie Craft


Say hello to a new month, which for most of us, means sweet summertime, warm weather, and weekends spent poolside. For us here at Mother, the beginning of June marks a new round of horoscopes to start off the season ahead. Read our resident columnist Christie Craft’s general overview right here before clicking into a more in-depth forecast, below. -JKM

June greets us with an eager calm after Uranus’ chaotic shenanigans left all 12 signs shook last month. May’s brain fog is replaced with sharp clarity and witty, effervescent communication with chatty Mercury still hanging out in Gemini, the information-driven planet’s native sign. On June 12, quicksilver Mercury will shift into tender Cancer, lending a heartfelt awareness and depth to our words.

A sparky Gemini new moon on June 13 benefits communication for all 12 signs, making this an ideal week to initiate new projects around messaging, publishing, creative writing, or even contract negotiations and legal affairs. Venus, planetary ruler of beauty, love, and money, transits into fiery Leo on June 13, delivering warmth, passion, and indulgent luxury to our love lives and social cliques with a dash of drama. Until July 9, circulating socially with your partner or S.O. will be fun and rewarding. If you’re on the dating scene, meeting someone new during this phase will be effortless, particularly through friends or at parties, mixers, and social gatherings.

June’s bubbly dynamism slows to a creak when motivated Mars hits a rough patch on June 26, snoozing into retrograde until August 27. With Mars dragging backwards through visionary Aquarius, it might feel downright impossible to make progress towards achieving goals or launching new ideas with tangible results. Some signs—especially Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and Scorpio—could reach a boiling point in their frustration, tempting them to fall back on angry outbursts or petty arguments. Resist this urge and keep a cool head at all costs; fury and feistiness is futile when the Red Planet sleeps. Alternatively, use the summer to reflect on goals and past strategies that might have exacerbated the obstacles you’re now facing. Rest and recalibrate your energy—a bold, new lifecycle begins once Mars wakes up in late August.

The month ends with an all-business Capricorn full moon on June 28, delivering a dose of refreshing, yet unforgiving honesty about the work that lies ahead in achieving our goals. Fulfillment for Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) through professional recognition and praise is possible during this lunation. On the other hand, some may be faced with the stark realization that no shortcuts exist on the path to success. Do the work and play by the rules for best results.

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