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10 Great Kids’ Books Instagram Feeds To Follow Now

Written by Erin Feher

Ever feel overwhelmed walking into a bookstore or library? We’re not one to complain about having too many kids’ books around, but deciding which ones to add to your home library can be a little daunting considering the sheer number of titles. That’s why, over the past few years, numerous book-centric Instagram feeds dedicated to children’s titles have popped up to try to steer parents in the right direction. Many of these ‘grammers have an insider’s knowledge on which books will add major value to your kids’ bookshelf, and are experts at seeking out stories that highlight diverse voices, cultures, and experiences. To get inspired yourself, check out 10 of our favorite kids books Instagram feeds that you should follow now!

Since she launched the HereWeeRead blog 5 years ago, Charnaie Gordon has built one of the most exhaustive resources for kids’ books featuring diverse characters out there. She started it to track the books she was reading to her own kids (now 6 and 5 years old) but it has become a trusted space to find thoughtful reviews on thousands of new books. She posts about a new book nearly every day, so there is always a great new title to check out!

This fun feed was started my a mom and son who liked to sneak around NYC and plaster “Reading is Rad” stickers across town. The street art-inspired project, which they dubbed The Reading Ninja, found a home on Insta and features quick little reviews of quality new kids books, along with their latest cheeky IRL projects. Currently, it’s an old school flier that encourages people to call 1-833-READ-RAD for rad reading recommendations 24/7. Give ’em a ring!

We love this feed not only for the #OwnVoices book reviews and recommendations, but for the inspirational and informative posts on everything from Black History to combatting cultural appropriation to fighting for equity in the classroom.  The Conscious Kid is a valuable parenting resource, and provides some serious education and food for thought during what could otherwise be mindless social scrolling.

Veronica N. Chapman has dedicated her career to inspiring kids and teens of color, and helping them reach their full potential. She’s authored her own children’s books and founded an organization that provides educational workshops for teens. She started BlackBabyBooks to make it easier to find and purchase children’s books with Black characters—an issue many parents and caregivers have approached her about over the years.

Read Brightly is a kids’ book resource from the folks at Penguin Random house. Their colorful feed features a good mix of new titles, classics, and inspiring quotes on parenting and the magic of reading with your kids.

We love this feed, as it features authors and stories from around the world. But beyond championing books featuring a wide variety of races and ethnicities, this feed highlights all cultures, including LGBTQ+, those with physical and developmental challenges, and many more.  Read Your World is a literacy-based non-profit working to get multicultural books into the hands of kids, and offers free downloadable classroom kits on the website.

The Little Feminist Book Club is an intersectional monthly book subscription with a focus on teaching kids empathy, love of diversity, and gender equity. So, needless to say, their Insta feed is full of books that meet the standards of it’s inclusive-minded editors.

This is a small but mighty feed, started by teachers, for teachers. Its creators round up resources for creating gender-inclusive classrooms, including plenty of great titles for kids and a few fun activities to go along with them.

Behind the Tiny Activists are Corrie and Lee, passionate educators who dream of changing the way we learn about marginalized cultures. Their feed is full of beautiful books celebrating all genders, races, and abilities. We especially loved the 7 Days of Intention For The New Year posts—they kicked off 2020 sharing 7 ways to embody the characteristics of a good activist, ally, friend, and voice for change.

We like the anonymity of this feed, which features a great selection of kids books, plus, every now and then, grown-up book recs, too. There are lots of diverse characters in the mix, and a few fun collections, like “best of” lists, holiday-themed recommendations, and even some pretty spines stacked by color.

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  1. Also check out Shelley on @IvysLibrary, a fave of mine!!

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