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16 Great Sex Ed Books For Kids, Tweens, & Teens

Written by Julia Feldman

As parents, we are our child’s first and foremost teachers of all things. This awesome responsibility can weigh heavily on us when we feel tasked with teaching a topic and feel out of our depth.

Talking about sex and bodies is a common area where parents need support. Not sure what to teach when? Worried your discomfort will send your kid the wrong message? That’s completely understandable; effective sex and development education looks very different for a toddler versus a teenager and most parents simply feel ill equipped or unsure of where to start.

Fortunately for us, there are excellent books available to guide our children along this journey—appropriate for every age and stage of development. Consider this collection of sex ed books for kids, tweens, and teens both a guide for parents on what to talk about when, and also a wonderful opportunity to provide your child with resources they will understand, appreciate, and be able to access independently when they have questions. Best of all, these books are great at fostering a dialogue between parents and kids.

Julia Feldman is the founder of Giving The Talk, an organization focused on “sex ed for this century.”

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