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Mom Owned Business

Mother Essentials: Lindsey Laurain

Written by Erin Feher

Lindsey Laurain was a mom of twin toddlers who had a penchant for hurling their food across the room when she came up with the idea of a silicone plate that suctions to the table. Within a year she had made the Happy Mat a reality and quit her corporate job to launch her own company, ezpz. Her products will hit the shelves at Target later this year (a big win for someone who famously turned down two million-dollar investment offers on Shark Tank), including ezpz’s brand new tiny spoon and tiny cup. For Laurain, form and function are both of the utmost importance, so it makes sense that her own must-have items are as hard-working as they are pretty to look at: the insulated tumbler for always-hot coffee; the multi-use shawl that can function as a wrap, poncho, scarf, skirt, swimsuit coverup, breastfeeding cover, and more; and the holy grail of bras. Below, check out her 12 current “Mother Essentials” for herself, her eight-year-old Brody, and her twin boys (Chase and Drew), now seven years old—and fully retired from the sport of food throwing.

Logan + Lenora Portfolio Wet Bag. “I love my Logan + Lenora bags and use them for so many different things: my laptop, wet bathing suits, and my ezpz mats! The prints are super chic and the quality is spot on.” Logan + Lenora Portfolio Wet Bag, $25, Logan + Lenora.

Yeti Tumbler. “I am a coffee junkie—aren’t we all?—but my coffee always gets cold before I can finish it. These tumblers keep our coffee warm!” Yeti 20oz Tumbler, $29.99, Amazon

ezpz Tiny Cup. “Learning to drink out of an open cup is an important developmental milestone—this cup is specially designed to help with that process.” ezpz Tiny Cup, $9.99, ezpz.

ezpz Mini Mat + Bapron Bundle. “The ezpz Mini Mat + Bapron Bundle offers a pair of innovative, stylish, game-changing feeding essentials for your baby. One of my favorite pairings is the Cream Mini Mat and the Modern Llama Bapron.” ezpz Mini Mat + Bapron Bundle, $35, ezpz.

Joy of Socks. “One of my favorite things to gift is the quote sock from Joy of Socks. I kept this particular quote clean, but some of them are quite cheeky—right up my alley!” Go Away I’m Introverting Socks, $10.99, Joy of Socks.  

Tubby Todd Gift Set. “One of my favorite gifts for news moms or moms-to-be is the Tubby Todd gift set. Tubby Todd products are packed with natural ingredients and they smell absolutely heavenly.” Tubby Todd The Basics Gift Set, $80, Tubby Todd.

Brandless Diapers. “I have been a huge Brandless fan since they launched. I love that the items are affordable and you can shop by values and filter by things like cruelty free, paraben free, phthalate free, and sulfate free. My boys are way past the diaper phase, but I love these cute printed diapers!” Brandless Diapers, $9 for 1 week’s worth, Brandless.  

True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra. “I was on a never-ending search for the perfect bra, and I finally found it from True & Co.! This is the first bra that I don’t rush to take off as soon as I get home. True & Co.’s bras and undies are crazy comfortable.” True Body Lift Scoop Neck Full Cup Bra, $58, True & Co. 

Magnolia Home Amie Pillow. “I am obsessed with throw pillows, and I recently bought these pillows by Magnolia Home. They are neutral, chic, and versatile. Major score!” Magnolia Home Amie Pillow, $79.99, Roolee

“Someday” Wall Plaque. “It may be kind of corny, but I am a sucker for signs and plaques with inspirational quotes. This one is especially relevant to my journey as a mother and entrepreneur.” “Someday” Wall Plaque, $47.50, Target

ezpz Tiny Spoons. “Every element of this spoon was designed with baby in mind—from the sensory bumps to decrease gagging and choking to the arc of the spoon to help develop lip closure.” ezpz Tiny Spoons, $14.99 (for two), ezpz

Sorel Women’s Caribou Boots. “Winter sucks but these boots make me happy. They are functional and pretty!” Sorel Women’s Caribou Boots, $159, Amazon

Ono Good Bowl. “Anyone who has dogs and/or cats knows that pets are messy eaters. Ono, ezpz’s sister company, makes mats that grip the floor, which means your pet bowls stay put.” Ono Good Bowl Double Feeder, $34.99, Amazon

Zalamoon Infinity Shawl. “This shawl is great for everyday use, casual or dressy. What’s better? It’s also great for nursing and can be used to cover your stroller and car seat.” Zalamoon Infinity Shawl, $39.99, Amazon

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