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Mother Hoods

Mother Hoods: Bekah Stewart’s Louisville

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photo Courtesy of Bekah Stewart

Whether you’re planning a trip to Louisville, or just passing through, we’ve got a list of cool places to hit up while in town. Local seamstress, designer, and mama of two Bekah Stewart tells us all of her favorites, from the best burgers and beer to a free concert in the park. Read ahead to see why Louisville is quickly becoming one of our favorite destinations. 

Where are your favorite places to…

Eat with the kids? “I like taking the boys to my favorite little pizza joint called Papalinos. Giant slices of pizza on the patio is the best. Also, there’s a tiny hole in the wall Vietnamese place called Nam Nam Cafe that the kids like.”

Eat with adults? “In the summertime, I love sitting outside with friends. We have a place called Holy Grale that I really love—it has the best burgers and excellent beer, and a perfect outdoor environment to spend an evening with the bests. I also enjoy Four Pegs and Garage Bar, which has a great basil gimlet and the pizza is amazing.”

Grab something sweet? “We always hit up Nord’s for doughnuts. There’s also a place called Wiltshire Pantry that has great pastries.”

Drink coffee?Sunergos is the best. Quills is amazing, too. There is another place called Please and Thank You, which has really good coffee, rosemary lemonade, and cookies. It sells vinyl, too—it’s a really sweet spot.”

Shop for kids? “Thrift stores! My boys wear out clothes so fast, so I try and stick to buying secondhand when I can. I keep my eye out for things a few sizes up, so I’m prepared when they grow. The Goodwills here are the best.”

Shop for yourself? “Same. Locally we have some great vintage/consignment shops that I usually head to first. I love a little place called the Crescent Hill Trading Company and a small thrift store close to that, inside St. Joseph Children’s Home.”

Play with your children?The Waterfront Park has a big playground and splash park. It also has a free concert during the summer months, which is a lot of fun.”

Play with your adult friends? “Wherever we can find good music, a good fishing spot, or a good meal.”

Get out in nature?Cherokee Park is beautiful. Also, Bernheim Arboretum and Forest or Red River Gorge.”

Peruse museums? “I’m not a museum girl.”

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