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All About Lovevery’s Awesome New Play Kits For Baby’s First Year

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Most new parents have these two things in common—sleep deprivation and a deep desire to provide the very best for their newest arrival. Thankfully, Lovevery gets us, and is helping to provide some solutions…at least for the latter concern. Makers of the already beloved Play Gym (a minimally designed, resource-packed activity mat), Lovevery has recently introduced a series of Play Kits that are as pretty as they are educational. Naturally, we’re pretty smitten.

Designed for babies aged 0-12 months, the Montessori-inspired Lovevery Play Kits are hinged on a fact modern parents (and Mother readers) know so well: play-based learning is where it’s at, especially for the 1-and-under set. “Babies learn through play, and all the scientific research shows that there are simple, beautiful ways we can reveal the world to our children through play,” Lovevery co-founder Jessica Rolph explains. “The Play Kits are all about connecting us to the essence of childhood, and setting everything else aside.”

Bonus points: They make tapping into the latest in developmental research of your youngster super simple, which is one of the reasons first-time mama Carissa Alvarado, mother to 5-month-old Xyla and one-half of the hypnotically harmonic group Us The Duo, is a fan. “These toys encourage her to learn, and I absolutely love watching the wheels turn in her brain as she figures out how to hold and play with each object,” she says. “I love that everything in the Play Kits serves a purpose and is intended to help my baby’s development.”

There are currently six Play Kits—The Looker (0-8 weeks), The Charmer (3-4 months), The Senser (5-6 months), The Inspector (7-8 months), The Explorer (9-10 months), and The Thinker (11-12 months)—all filled with a variety of spot-on toys for your tot. Plus, in addition to a surprise gift for parents in each box (the sweetest touch!), there’s also a detailed guide that explains why each toy, book, and object was selected, based on the latest in developmental research. The booklets also include handy advice for the best way to play and engage with your baby during his or her pivotable first year, which means less random Google searches along the lines of “…what to do with baby aged XYZ months old…”

“Xyla is nearly 5 months old, so we’ve tried out The Charmer and The Senser Play Kits,” says Carissa. “My favorite aspects about each of them are how they help her to develop her motor skills and give you a guide of activities that you can do with your baby. I never have to worry about running out of ideas for how to keep her entertained!”

To take a closer look at what’s inside these expertly edited, eco-friendly Play Kits (and to ogle the cuteness that is baby Xyla!), check out our slideshow below.

This post is brought to you by Mother x Lovevery.

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