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20+ Of The Coolest Magazines For Kids, From Toddlers To Tweens

Written by Erin Feher & Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Photo by Amy Hashimoto for Bravery Magazine

One perk of all that Zoom school? It may just turn our tech-obsessed kids into analog lovers after all. And what better way to introduce them to the old school way of information sharing than getting them their very own subscription to a cool, creative kids’ magazine? From classic titles that have been publishing since before their parents were born, to modern, artsy zines that have style for miles, these 20+ magazine for kids have something for every age and interest. Plus, what kid doesn’t love getting snail mail?

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  1. Great round-up, but you should also include Honest History (https://honesthistorymag.com/)! It’s my kids’ (ages 7 and 9) favorite magazine, and I love reading it too. We found it at The Elliot Bay Book Co. in Seattle, they have an awesome magazine section for kids.

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