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Written by Christie Craft


Then it was May!? If you’re like us, you might be trying to wrap your head around the fact that this year is zooming by. And, if that leads you to wonder what the rest of 2018 (or maybe just the month ahead) has in store, take a look at a fresh batch of predictions for May by our resident columnist Christie Craft. Read a general overview right here and then click into your sign below for a detailed outline. -JKM

Ready or not, May is a month of massive change and metamorphosis with many astrological shake-ups to unpack. All 12 signs will feel an itch directing them to seek sturdier life foundations, but stability can only be achieved through embracing chaotic, even destructive moments throughout the month. May might not be the most comfortable, but the coming days and weeks hold limitless power for positive progress.

The major tectonic shifts begin on May 15 when revolutionary Uranus transits out of fiery Aries and into cozy, earthen Taurus. Uranus lies on the outskirts of our solar system, moving at a cosmic snail’s pace, circling the zodiac every 84 years. So, when the planet of rebellion, innovation, and technology creaks into a new sign and house, life seems electrified by dramatic, quick-fire transitions.

Uranus is determined to chip away at stagnation, directly pointing to broken or unfixable elements that need to be demolished to make room for verdant growth. Each sign will experience an upheaval placing specific aspects of life into a state of flux. Despite the future feeling uncertain at times, each and every sign can operate from a state of grace, putting their faith in the understanding that lush new beginnings are being birthed through discord.

High-minded ideals focusing on humanitarian aid and upward social mobility become all the rage once assertive Mars enters affable Aquarius on May 16. On May 19, luxuriant Venus embraces sensitive Cancer lending a hyper-loving, maternal vibe to matters of the heart. A full moon in the sign of the Archer, Sagittarius, wraps up the month on May 29 with an optimistic, broad view of all you’ve accomplished through Uranus’ electric storms. The bigger picture is so much more clear and as June opens, what truly matters in life—along with your role in manifesting your vision—will be unmistakable.

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