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An Instant Kid-Favorite: Maybe by Chris Haughton

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

Photography by Valerie Denise Metz

Pushing limits and finding ways around the rules is something kids do quite well. And, according to the new book Maybe by Chris Haughton, so do little monkeys!

In his sixth kid-lit title, the award-winning Irish author-illustrator introduces us to a family of four monkeys, living high up in a tree. When the mama monkey needs to head out for a bit to do a solo task, she leaves her 3 little monkeys with one simple request: “Whatever you do, do NOT go down to the mango tree, there are tigers down there,” she warns.

However, like all curious creatures, the little monkeys make a variety of excuses, starting with the hopeful term Maybe… “Maybe we can just look at the mangoes. That’d be okay, right?” Soon the monkey are heading off towards the very place their mother warned them not to go and the funny, nail-biting adventure begins.

Like Haughton’s other beloved, award-winning titles—Little Owl Lost, Oh No George!, SHH! We Have A Plan, Don’t Worry, Little Crab, and Goodnight Everyonethis book features the same combo of short and easy-to-read text and simple plot lines that are just suspenseful enough for the 3-and-up crowd.

The visuals in Maybe… showcase Haughton’s playful collage-style illustrations and bold color combinations, while the kid-friendly text throughout the book will have early readers leading the way and erupting in giggles at the relatable naughty characters.

Plus, in Maybe…, like in Haughton’s other books, there is a funny surprise twist ending which will have your kiddos begging for another read right away.

Check out the book yourself by scooping it up at Bookshop, Amazon, or your local bookshop ASAP!

You can also learn more about the London-based author-illustrator—and his pet fox—on his Instagram feed, @chrishaughton.

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