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Mom Owned Business

Mother Essentials: Sri Bodanapu of Heirloom

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

The importance of passing down treasured recipes from one generation to the next is what inspired Sri Bodanapu’s latest business venture: Heirloom. The tech-savvy start-up allows users to preserve their family’s unique culinary identity and heritage through gathering and organizing favorite recipes and photos through a simple online process, before printing gorgeous, keepsake-worthy copies of cookbooks for oneself and loved ones. The India-born, Bay Area-dwelling certified nutritionist and mother of two has always had a deep love of food and holistic wellness—which can be seen clearly in her inspiring list of Mother Essentials below—enjoy!

Brightland Olive Oil. “I love to cook and have a background in nutrition, so nothing gives me more joy than high quality ingredients like Brightland’s olive oil.” Olive Oil, starting at $40, Brightland

Literati Books. “My 6-year-old is a voracious reader and I love that with Literati I can get him to explore a new collection of books in a super easy and approachable way.” Book Box, starting at $29.99, Literati.

Diaspora Co. Spices. “Fresh spices are the key to a great dish and Diaspora not only delivers on that, but also provides incredible economic benefits to its farmers.” Diaspora Spices, starting at $10, Diaspora Co.

Lovevery Play Kits. “I have a curious and high energy 2-year-old and our Lovevery boxes are such a hit with her!” The Play Kits, $80 to $120 per shipment, Lovevery.

How I Built This Podcast. “Founder stories are so inspiring and such a great way to learn and appreciate how hard it is to build a scalable and successful business. Guy Raz is a phenomenal interviewer and this is my favorite podcast.” How I Built This via NPR.

Mlouye bag. “I bought this bag via an Instagram ad and always get stopped and asked about it.” Sera Tall Tote Mini, $475, Mlouye.

Seed Probiotic. “IMO, the best probiotic out there. Gut health is everything and Seed, with its pre and probiotic strains, is a fantastic immunity supplement.” DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic, $49.99 a month, Seed.

Brooklinen Eye Mask. “I don’t say this lightly—this is the best eye mask that I have ever found!” Mulberry Silk Eyemask, $26, Brooklinen.

OSEA Body Cream. “I discovered the OSEA CBD cream at a MOTHER event and got hooked. It smells like a herb garden and is so soothing to the body.” Undaria Algae Body Butter, $48, OSEA.

Cymbiotika Magnesium Spray. “Everything Cymbiotika makes is great, but this spray has been really helpful sleep in addressing my sleep issues.” Topical Magnesium Oil Spray, $32, Cymbiotika.

Ranavat. “Started by another female founder, Ranavat is my go-to for skincare essentials. Their saffron serum is luxurious and so helpful for dry and patchy skin. I swear by these products.” Brightening Saffron Serum, $135, Ranavat.

Poppy Shoes. “Color and comfort! I love this new brand that is bringing Indian textiles to the modern shoe.” Slip-On Sneaker, $95, Poppy.

VTech Camera For Kids. “I encourage my 6-year-old to travel with his camera so he is just as curious and engaged in new sights as we are. And all the photos make for a great way for him to share this adventures when we’re back home.” VTech KidiZoom Camera, $36.48, Amazon.

Matilda’s Bloom Box. “Let’s call it self-care—a beautifully curated box of local flowers that get delivered to your doorstep each week. This also helped me appreciate flower decoration so much!” Flower Delivery, $39, Matilda’s Bloom Box

Wine Time. “Not only are these wines delicious but Sophie has a lovely story and the wine packaging with all its dried flowers is dreamy.”

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