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Jasleen Kaur Sach Foods

Mother Essentials: Jasleen Kaur of Sach Foods

Written by Katie Hintz-Zambrano

A lot has happened for Jasleen Kaur during these hazy pandemic years. For starters, the Bay Area-based business woman became a mom for the very first time—her daughter, Kaira, was born “10-12 days before we went into lockdown!” She’s also stretched her wings as an entrepreneur, co-founding Sach Foods, a company dedicated to creating ethically sourced vegetarian foods. Alongside her husband, Tarush, Jasleen dreamt up the idea of crafting beautifully flavored paneer and pioneered Sach as the original (and so far the only) organic and flavored paneer company in the U.S. The delicious product line—which currently consists of 3 paneer flavors (The Original, Spicy Habanero, and Turmeric Twist)—is now sold at retailers across the country (be sure to look in your local Whole Foods!). Peep the busy mama’s top Mother Essentials of the moment below!

Quick + Easy Skincare Routine. “My skin has changed a lot in the past few years, especially after my daughter was born. I had to try a lot of products before settling on a few favorites, and Ranavat Saffron Serum is my go-to. This saffron-infused serum is magical! It smells lovely and feels so amazing on the skin. I have been using it for almost a year now and have seen so much improvement in my skin. My other must-have is my Born This Way foundation.” Ranavat Brightening Saffron Serum, $135, Credo. Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, $45, Sephora.

Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo.Being a mompreneur, I don’t always have time to wash and style my hair before an important meeting or a dinner date. This dry shampoo is a lifesaver on busy days when my hair needs a quick pick-me-up.” Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair Refreshing Dry Shampoo, $26, Harrods.

Printfresh PJs.I discovered these gorgeous matching pajamas through an Instagram ad. They are 100% cotton, high-quality, and so soft—definitely made to live in. I love their prints as well!” Long Sleep Set, $158, Printfresh.

Theragun.After working a long day, I often feel stiff and sore in my legs and back. A quick 5-10 minutes with my Theragun before bed helps me relax and recover and gets me ready for sleep.” Theragun, $199 and up, Therabody.

Align High-Rise Yoga Pants.I practically live in these. These leggings are so comfortable. They are perfect if you’re just laying around at home, working out, or even going out.” Lululemon Align High-Rise Yoga Pant, $98, Lululemon.

Sach Paneer.While I am partial, I think paneer makes my meal planning so effortless. It is an excellent source of vegetarian protein. It is one of the easiest ways to add protein, calcium, and good fat to my daughter’s meal in one go. For my husband and I, we often add the Spicy Habanero Paneer to our stir frys, paninis, and salads.” Spicy Habanero Paneer, $7.99, Sach Paneer

Coffee in Bed. That’s my love language and my husband knows that! Haha! This is how I start my mornings.” 

Seed Cycling.I discovered seed cycling and Beeya on Instagram. I think it is a great all-natural way to supplement.  These seeds contain specific nutrients and fatty acids that are believed to support hormonal function. I am still trying to be regular with it.” Phase 1 & Phase 2, $55/month, Beeya.

Stokke Clikk Highchair. Hands down my favorite and most-used baby item that I recommend and gift to all my mom friends. My daughter started using this chair when she was about 6-months-old and she still has almost all of her meals here. It is super easy to clean, is sturdy, and looks great. It makes my life so much easier.” Stokke Clikk High Chair, $179, Stokke.

Camphor.Camphor has many benefits as a spiritual practice. It is considered highly purifying and eliminates negative energy. For me, the menthol smell helps alleviate stress and anxiety. It brings calm and helps me relax my mind. I often have it burning in my office and at bedtime.” 

Yeedi Vacuum Cleaner.I LOVE this vacuum. He vacuums, and he mops. I love that I can tap a button and my vacuuming is done for me while I work on other things!” Yeedi Mop Station Pro, $799.99, Amazon.

ClassPass.I really enjoy ClassPass. It makes it so easy to explore different studios and workouts and fit them into my busy schedule. I have always been a ClassPass user, but see so much more value in it now with my unpredictable schedule.” ClassPass.com.

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