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New Year, New You: Beauty From Within

Written by James Kicinski-McCoy

Photography by Photographed by Gilda Hariri

The New Year is all about welcoming an exciting refresh. And, regardless of what’s on your list of resolutions, or if you are just more focused on a simple “fresh start” mindset, it can be a liberating practice to restore your mind, body, and soul as you embark on your journey into 2017. Today we’re talking all of the above with Sun Potion’s Creative Director and Co-Founder of Women With Super Powers, Nitsa Citrine. Read below for her take on wellness and beauty from within, including her use of tonic herbs and superfoods, to inspire your most vibrant and healthy you yet.

What are 1-2 rituals one can practice in order to start their day off on the right foot, and feel more beautiful starting from the inside?
“I love to begin my day with a practice of gratitude. First thing in the morning, sometimes even before I open my eyes, I take a moment to relax, deepen my breath, and consciously articulate my gratitude for all the blessing in my life, in that given moment. Sometimes one specific scenario will rise to the surface and other times the gratitude expresses itself as many things. I take as long as I need to feel ‘complete’ say ‘Thank you’ and continue with my day. Another essential morning practice for me is to make a blended potion. I love to pick out 6-7 tonic herbs, whichever I feel inspired to use that day and blend them up with a raw coconut or nut milk, a spoonful of matcha or chai, some grass-fed ghee (for the brain!) and love! This is a quick, nutrient and mineral rich brew that keeps me humming and focused all day long.”

For those of us that are new to tonic herbs and superfoods, what are some that you might recommend for beauty?
He Shou Wu—a prepared extract of the he shou wu root is a magically rejuvenate herb for men and women. It is reputed to nourish Jing, which in Oriental medicine is very much the life force or the energetic reserve in the human system. Taking in nourishment such as he shou wu can help replenish the Jing, which is now so often depleted in the modern momentum and stressors. It also supports vitality in hair, skin, and nails. I notice my nails grow much thicker and faster when I take it daily! Also, Pearl. A high quality pear powder is a wonderful supplement for women. It nourishes hair, skin, nails, and Shen (Spirit).”

Are there any natural beauty products that you swear by?
“I love rose water. I pretty much mist myself with it all day long for anti-inflammatory, cooling, clarifying, and it’s great for the heart. My favorite is the rose water my friend Shiva Rose makes. It’s so divine.”

Besides incorporating more tonic herbs and superfoods into one’s diet, what are some other practices that one could adopt in order to nourish their body from the inside out?
“Three things: Eat wild and fermented foods (a healthy gut is a healthy everything!), breathe, and sleep—this one’s crucial. Try to get at least 8 hours, or as much as you can, each night! Invitation: if you have a block or conflict in your life, ask your dreams to guide you through it!”

Are there any specific mindset practices that you use to feel more centered, and promote a bit of extra confidence?
“I always notice the difference in my field when I take a moment to slow down, breathe, tune in with my body, and listen to its intelligence. Listen to my inner guides and trust myself.”

Are there any myths about holistic beauty practices and tonic herbs/superfoods that you can dispel?
“Hmm, interesting question. Not sure if there are any myths to dispel, per say, but I would like to encourage people who are working in the wellness sphere to find pleasure in whatever they are focusing on, whether it is cleansing, nourishing, exercise, etc. Also, sourcing. Be aware of who, what, and how your foods and herbs are being grown and processed, but do not obsess over it too much.”

Are there any additional resources that you recommend for those who are interested in learning more about tonic herbs, superfoods, and the effect on one’s body?
“I am a devoted lover of the book Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford. It’s kind of like an encyclopedic break-down of the medical properties of real food. I refer to it daily! For those interested in tonic herbs specifically, Ron Teeguarden’s Chinese Tonic Herbs is excellent introduction and guide to Tonic Herbalism.”

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